Today’s mindful wheelchair walk

Today I woke up with still the after affects of the chemicals I was exposed to. My heart rate was in the 150’s

BUT I was determined to get up and go out and go for a mindful wheelchair walk and let me show you what I found. First there was a rock fence that had fern growing out of the top of it and I found it beautiful .

Then I made it to the prairie and the grasses were all this dull color EXCEPT this one clump that had an orange/red hue

Then I looked up and right above me were a few squirrels eating the buds off of this tree with no leaves. They were so adorable. I made a full conversation for them: 1. Susan! I did 10 pull ups did you watch me? 2. No Thomas I was busy storing food for the babies . 1. Well I am OBVIOUSLY nursing the babies and I am storing up food too but also doing some pull ups. Gotta keep strong to keep up with those 10!

Yeah. I stopped there. But it was entertaining thinking about them and watching them.

There is a tiny dirt road that I SO should not go down in a wheelchair with the potholes but as I was leaving I noticed the sky was turning purple. The birds were flying over.

One side of the prairie is ALWAYS pink and purple and the other always yellows and oranges

I turned down the little dirt road to see the purples that were forming. I immediately saw a tree that I wanted to get the sky behind and I was SOOO mindful. I was so focused on that sky and that tree that I did not know a donkey had wandered up until he put his mouth on my arm. This was one of THOSE donkey’s I was warned about was a biter. I asked him if he was going to bite me. He did the funniest things with his lips. He showed me his teeth. He puckered up, he did the fish face. I mean this guy was a character. I had one carrot left from feeding Arnold the pig and I put it on the fence post. He tried sooo hard to get it and couldn’t so I finally handed it to him and he slurped it up with his lips teeth nowhere near me. I was still adequately reprimanded by my husband and daughter for knowingly getting near a “biter” but I was careful, except when I wasn’t and was mindful. Oops. So here he is. Now he is blurry as all get out because i had my zoom lens and he was literally right there in my face! But I will post them anyway so you can see how cute he was.

And last but not least was that tree and the purple sky. All worth it.

It took away my anxiety for a short period of time. Any amount of time not having anxiety is a blessing.

15 thoughts on “Today’s mindful wheelchair walk

    1. The donkey!!!!! He was so in my face!!!!! Came out of nowhere. But his face and lips and expressions were so funny. He finally had his carrot and was happy as could be. I love finding new animals

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      1. He looks like quite a character!! It’s crazy to me how people can dismiss “animals”. they are totally expressive and unique individuals! I feel honored when one interacts with me, truly! It’d be hard to frown and look at that face! These photos are priceless!

        Liked by 1 person

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