Hanging out with a lizard

My daughter took these pictures with her phone. She saw a lizard drinking water on the deck. We have a video of me having an extensive conversation with him after he climbed on my hand. I figured I would just post his visit on my hand. He licked me. I felt loved by that sweet little lizard. And I am posting the picture of him licking water because how often does one see that!!!

Now I am off to feed Arnold some carrots. Will be back with some mindful photos later!!!

7 thoughts on “Hanging out with a lizard

    1. He DID!!! I he crawled on my hand and then licked me. He was so friendly. Riley video taped him and photographed him licking water off the deck too. Lizards have always scared me a little but not today !


    1. We have one particular one that will jump on us and my daughter has named him and can tell him apart from the others. I completely agree they can love. I think everything can. If an owl can come to me every day to visit then I see no reason why a lizard couldn’t do the same


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