The landing gear

I went to “the peanut field” today. I have no idea what it really is but at one time they grew peanuts there and the locals call it that. I saw that the sandhill cranes had switched areas and were landing there instead. I laughed I cannot tell you how much and still am at their landing gear I call it. When they put their feet out like they are about to land. It made me think about me and how my landing gear is always out and ready. Always prepared. I used my zoom lens. YAY. Was very excited to see them up in the clouds. It looks like I am just flying in an airplane next to them.

My husband left today (work related) so I needed something to keep my mind away from panic mode and this was helpful.

18 thoughts on “The landing gear

    1. Their cute little legs were what were so amazing to watch. And their little feet!!!!! I loved them so much. They were flying in to land in the field and i kept thinking why are their legs down already. I kept thinking are they saying to each other bob too early too early or jesssica pulease wait two more minutes you’re making us all look bad. But they are birds who seem to accept each other nomatter what they look like. I guess that’s why i love them.

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    1. They are huge sandhill cranes that are almost 4 ft tall and they have long skinny legs and they put their legs down like they are going to land but way up in the clouds.wings out,legs down. It was so funny.
      He will be away 2 months coming home on Sundays to get us groceries


  1. On our way to Denver Friday it was eerie, hundreds of birds flying in veers and many tens of numbers sitting on wires. Also sitting in fields. It was scary wondering what did they know that we didn’t?

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