When I was a child

I hated the moss

Dangling from the oak trees

Outside my window

No curtains

Just shadows

Now I take pictures

Of the moss

Watching it in the wind

How it blows


At night

I keep the blinds


9 thoughts on “Poetry

    1. It was all around my windows and i had 4 windows and a glass door. It was creepy. I love it the sun though just not a fan of seeing anything really outside my window at night

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  1. The only moss I’m familiar with is the green stuff that looks a little like turf and feels really soft. Usually grows in shady spots but it’s in the ground and barely has any roots, if any at all.


      1. Weird they are both called moss. So this is the stuff. I have not seen a close up of it til now. I remember now you pointed this stuff out to me so many times (because I keep forgetting) hanging in the trees in other photos.

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