Mindful moments

Meet Joe the donkey, sugar the miniature horse, peanut butter the miniature horse…I visit them every day but don’t think they’ve been properly introduced and this was the first time I took their picture with my new camera!

I also saw a sandhill crane and got such a beautiful picture. Then I visited the church prayer garden.

I woke up and sheer willed myself to stay in the moment and I hung in there until 8 pm!!!!!

31 thoughts on “Mindful moments

  1. These photos are freaking amazing! The donkey and the ponies look so fluffy, I want to pet them.

    I like the filter too. Makes it look like a painting.
    The steeple against the gray sky, brings up a feeling of loneliness.
    And the bird on a wire silhouette…I don’t know but there’s something about it I just love. Have you thought about watermarking them or at least embedding your name on the photo?


    1. I don’t know HOW the bird looked liked that. I didn’t use a filter. Maybe the camera has one built in? I have NO clue how to use it. It is on the automatic setting. The animals are so soft. But like why the one bird just looked like a silhouette. No clue. And why the other bird had a blue background. No clue. It’s hilarious. Probably because it is just an expensive camera and knows what it is doing and i don’t!!!!that bird on the wire I already decided i wanted to frame! And the steeple one it was so dark and cold out. It made me feel the same way. I have a few i was just looking through that i posted that i want to frame. Like the red leaf from the other day and the ones from cedar key and the sunset and that bird on the wire.
      I have no idea how to watermark them. My daughter said the same though. I’ve already seen my old owl picture on other people’s blogs

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      1. You saw the picture without credit?

        I don’t know how to watermark them either. Just to edit a name on them, which could easily be edited out on Photoshop I’m sure. I use an old photo editing software for that.

        The crane is the one that looks filtered to me. That’s great that it isn’t. What camera did you end up getting?

        Maybe a little blurb to ask people to credit and link back? Idk. I know it won’t stop everyone, nothing will. But some people will do it just because you brought it to their attention maybe.


      2. Yep. He said it was everyone’s bird and not just mine. So there was that!!!! I mean I took the fuckin picture but OK.
        I think i updated my about page to credit me but i need to look again.
        The crane DOES look filtered. Honestly a lot of them do to me. He got me a panasonic luminix and I put it on automatic setting which says it can tell if it is a sunset or a flower or a bird or whatever. I still really don’t have a clear bird picture though. The ones at cedar key look filtered too but that is really what the sky looked like. The camera must have a built in setting for different photos. Like when i took a picture the other day of the prairie a mountain popped up. So i literally said outloud…oh i think it assumes this is a mountain OK!

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      3. Actually…on the phone when i scroll to that picture it says “sunshine” so i don’t know if it assumed it needed sunshine and added it? Another one said “macro” and then another one said “scene” . Yeah i will have to read the manual

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      4. I tried but my eye still hasn’t recovered and the lettering is so small so i have been troubleshooting on google and just yesterday had to reset it to factory settings becasue i pushed some sort of fn8 button and it made like a scope kind of object that I could not get rid of. Yeah. I need to learn more. I may watch videos bc i really want a clear bird!

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      5. Oh crap. I’m sorry about your eye. Sorry I forgot too. Yes I hate changing a setting just to see what happens and then I want to switch it back and I’m like, “Ok, how do I get that back?”


      6. Well the one I’m using (it’s B’s) is a Sony Cybershot. Its 10.1 megapixels, which isn’t much anymore. I’m curious what yours is. It will usually tell you on the camera somewhere.


      7. I looked it up right after reading your comment and just clicked on the first one I saw. It is 20 point something mega-pixels. Pixels are the little dots that make up a digital photo. So the more there are the clearer the photo.

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      8. Do you notice that on FB too? (I don’t have an insta account) But on FB I’ve seen your photos and they seem to look just as clear on there as on here? Are they not as clear on here too?


      9. Just instagram they arent nearly as clear. On fb slightly less but on the blog they seem clear. On my computer they are all blurry but my monitor is 14. Years old so maybe thats the issue. Cant read the pixels?

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      10. Ohh. Makes sense. Im trying to pick a few to frame for when i cant get outside. I guess i will just upload from my iPad since thats where i can see them most clearly

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    1. They are always so loving. I tell them that I hve no one to tell certain issues to and they come up and put their lips on my hand and let me kiss their noses. I always always feel better when i leave.

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