22 thoughts on “Things to make you smile

    1. She was SOOO funny tonight. I told her that since she gave me such a great photo shoot she would get extra treats. She has so much character doesn’t she! Between her and her buddy who runs up and sneezes all of his food on me they always make my day. I forgot the pig one though darnit. He ran up too and loved his carrot!
      These horses are in their 30’s

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      1. She didn’t even look real. It was like she was an animation. I had her on one side and sneezy on the other. He runs up and blows his food all over me

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    1. She galloped over to me and was gorgeous with her mane blowing in the wind. Then she gave the wild evie faces. She loves her carrots. I think she was being a ham for the carrots

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