The deer

She flicked her ears

Twitched her tail

Jerked her head up

Looked back and forth

Back and forth again.

Lowered to the grass

Eating with her eyes down

2 seconds

Then up



Checking with her family

Only moment of feeling ok

But hyper vigilant

So prepared

Because she is prey

She knows it

So many men

They trick her with urine

They trick her with food

They hide in the trees

High up in stands

It’s her mate they are after

All for their two shots

One with their fat fingers

One for social media

Not to sustain

Just to kill

No respect

Just predators

That hide in the trees

And cheat

Who’ll waste the “meat”

Snuffing out a life

And why…

I watched the deer

She let me walk up to her.

She always does.

They all do.

I recognize the fear

I recognize the vigilance

I also recognize the innocence and gentleness.

I know how it feels to be prey

I know the predators well

My mother once asked

If she was supposed to be looking for predators around every tree.

Well that’s where they were my mommy.

I know them

They know me.

The deer knew

The predators hiding in the trees

And so do I

That’s why we look into each other’s eyes.

We’ve lived the same life.

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