My husband bought me this blue butterfly necklace because of my love for the blue butterfly at the butterfly rainforest at University of Florida Museum. He then bought me a camera and took me back to the butterfly rainforest because he said if I was going to be mindful and take photos of the things that bring me joy, he wanted me to have a proper camera to do it with. He’s pretty thoughtful isn’t he. I sure enough went with my new camera and finally have a beautiful picture of the blue butterfly.

So I’ve been taking photographs with my new camera and what is so neat is that looking through the eye and seeing something zoomed in, I can really be so absorbed in the moment that I don’t notice anything going on around me at all.

My husband went to the prairie with me tonight and was watching me take photographs and saw the depth of mindfulness I can go to when really in that moment. It was pretty neat to share my joy with someone. I told him that had he not been there to see the sky, no one would believe that I did not alter the pictures. It was beautiful.

We went to the prairie because we had, prior to that, gone for a walk, and been caught in the rain. It was quite the experience as a limb fell behind me in my wheelchair and hit the ground from a massive live oak and I said, “I’m glad that didn’t hit me!,” MUCH to our surprise a few moments after came the squirrel falling that must have been ON the branch. He landed right on the road from so high up. Was totally fine!!!!!

As I was going full speed home in the rain, I saw the sky was already starting to clear and the sun was setting so I asked him to drive in the car with me in hopes of a rainbow. Soaking wet we went.

It has been a difficult number of days. My memory has been off again and I cannot recall names or dates. I posted wordless wednesday thinking it may even be tuesday but it was THURSDAY! Fortunately, no one even mentioned it. You guys are so nice!!!

Anyway, after he bought me the camera, I charged it on the left of the refrigerator. But every morning I eat a waffle and I go to put it in the toaster to the LEFT of the refrigerator and all that is there is my camera.

Well for 14 years the toaster was where my camera is now. The toaster got moved. Muscle memory is taking me to the left of the fridge to toast my waffle and YET my brain cannot recall my neighbor’s name. I fascinate myself I truly do. My brain, all of my conditions, are so complex. When I allow myself to live in a beautiful moment though, none of that matters.

Here are tonight’s pictures. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did in that moment. All of the photos were taken in one hour. The sky changed THAT much in one hour. Truly a gift. The most treasured gifts cannot be measured.

27 thoughts on ““Gifts”

  1. Beautiful,, I was working today , at the home where I was working the clients had a plant with a single red flower on it,, I took pic but I can’t share it here,, because that flower reminded me of you, and your flower ,, I thought of you today and glad I got see some more of your pics ,, thank you my friend

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  2. I’m sorry you’re having a rough time. Hopefully the memory will get better. The pictures are gorgeous like usual and I can’t believe that squirrel was fine!
    Also, you really do have a great husband. He sounds so thoughtful and loving towards you!

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    1. Yes,he is, he takes me on all of these outings because I can’t drive , to get all the pictures and get out and explore.
      Squirrels fall,out of trees around here all the time and every time I, shocked they are fine. But this guy hit the road. He was fine. Ran right up the tree

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  3. Breathtaking! I wish the sky would do that for me, in an hour’s time. Counting from the bottom up. , number 3 looks like it might be from a disney cartoon. My next favorites are (from bottom up) #1, #5, #6
    I loved Paynes Prarie. I graduated from O.U. with a minor in anthropology and have spent many Saturdays looking for Seminole and British artifacts. One of the places near there is Micanopy, about where King Paynestown was Love your necklace butterfly too tho the other one doesn’t look real because of the 2 different wings..


    1. So the butterfly I took a picture of is not the exact . Not the one I posted. The one I took is called the owl and necklace is a morpho. I actually did take a picture of the morpho but posted the wrong one. The difference is the owl butterfly has one wing slightly lavender .
      Paynes prairie is wonderful and micanopy has a lot of antique shops. The photos I took of the eagle in some posts back were at Paynes prairie. It is all flooded now due to the rains we’ve had.
      These pics tonight were in kanapaha prairie because it is only a mile from our house. I love the sunsets there

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      1. I could repost the correct butterfly that i took the same day but that is just too darn complicated for me!!! I actually liked the one i posted more because of that one purple wing that was so cool. It was much smaller than the blue morpho butterfly. Both beautiful


      2. I learned that in the wild they only live a few days. I never new that. So the few moments I was with the butterfly could have been his first moments or his last. Makes it more precious

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      1. I’ve very fortunate. He is very loving. Found the camellia I have always wanted and the butterfly necklace of my favorite butterfly and a camera to do what I love.
        When we were first married and had no money at all, not saying we have tons now, he let my daughter pick out a pooh sweat shirt for me for Christmas. I cherish it. He felt bad he could only buy a 3 dollar sweat shirt because we wanted to be able to buy what she wanted for Christmas.
        What matters most to me are what is done in love. The cost doesn’t matter. It is the thought and the love.
        One year I recorded a video for him.my daughter and me singing. We worked on it for months. And then another year of just me and with a song i chose for him. I got in the car the other day and he had been listening to it while driving. Cost no money to make but done with love.
        Even though the necklace he bought did cost money he bought it for me for sentimental reasons.i will always cherish it as much as I think he will the song I sung for him and that first pooh sweatshirt.
        Ok that was quite a reply!!!!! Anyway thank you

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  4. Wow! I love your photos. So envious of that sky and view, all within an hour. I can relate to becoming lost in taking photos, as it’s definitely the same for me. I can also relate to memory issues and muscle memory. This past fall when I was visiting our family summer cabin, my brain was in a really tough place, and my muscle memory had me continually reaching for the kitchen dish towel to dry my hands, where it had hung for decades under the counter. About 3 years ago, the towel rack was removed for a different system. I couldn’t remember.

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  5. Wow the sky! But even more amazing is that you guys have pterodactyls down there. (Second pic really looks like flying dinos.) 😀

    I love that you guys, even though soaking wet, got in the car and drove to look for a rainbow. That’s the best part.

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