Trying to be mindful while in pain

I spent one hour outside with my daughter trying so hard to focus on anything other than the muscle pain I am feeling.

Here is what I was able to focus on:

A wood pecker’s favorite spot, the two flowers that made it through the Florida rare freeze, one last leaf on a tree, and a cute little squirrel…

39 thoughts on “Trying to be mindful while in pain

    1. Absolutely! Every day no matter what I look at everything. How the sun shines. How the shadows hit. Everything. I love connecting to nature and I love getting out of my own head and not thinking about the pain in my body.
      Thanks for the comment

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      1. The body stuff is my least favorite part too. I’ll stand with and we can grrrrrr at it together. Dear Pain: You are rude. We greatly dislike you. Kindly eff off and give us back our peace. Now! -Kickass Survivors. ❤️


      2. Ugh exactly. The pain ad the weakness. Its like perpetual flu but oops just kidding we thought we’d give you a slew of diseases to pile up.
        I’m in a fuck off world kind of mood let me tell you! So i appreciate your understanding.

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  1. I have had that experience too, that focusing on the little details outside myself helps a little when I’m experiencing a lot of pain. But I don’t have anywhere near the severity of consistency of pain that you do. I’m so sorry that you’re suffering!


    1. It did help for a short period of time. It is easier in the day. Tonight has been hard. Sleep is evading me. Thank you for understanding


    1. The pictures were just a few. I had one red camellia left after the freeze and one pink one. And then i practiced with my camera with the squirrels in the yard. I just sat out there and watched them all and chatted with my daughter. It really did have my mind off everything it needed to be off!
      Have a wonderful day!!!! Xoxoxoxo

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    1. I’ve been doing this for about a year now. Going out and seeking beauty and finding joy to balance out all of the ptsd and negative with something positive. Now my mind naturally goes there, looking for the good, noticing, being aware and mindful. I love it

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      1. That is wonderful to hear and I’m so glad you could enjoy those moments. With the RA I’m no stranger to pain and even moments without help restore our sanity for a bit and make us appreciate these little gifts just a little more.

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      2. You are very welcome and I do know. I have pushed through the pain many times and I truly understand. You know, my motto is a little like it doesn’t matter how many times we fall, but it matters that we get back up. You are doing it beautifully and I hope others within close distance to you are just as proud and even more.

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