Poetry and photographs

Such a lovely poem

I have written

In the middle of my night

In my mind


As a kitten

Oh the rhyme

So wise

Each word in it’s place

Such a lovely poem

Full of love and grace

But then I wake

Full to the brim

Overflowing with anger and hate

It started by stumbling across your picture

I missed you last night

Then woke up realizing you’d left HER.

I’ve felt angry about me

But then I watch her suffer

Knowing you were her life’s little buffer

And my saddened soul

Burns hot with rage

Thinking of your selfishness

Your pride

Purposely missing out

Of this extraordinary child’s life.

People say it’s never to late

It is.

You threw away your time.

Our lives will never intertwine.

But you knew ALL of that

When you left mine.

You taught her

That family leaves

That family does not equal loyalty

You taught her

She doesn’t matter

Enough to stay

You’d already taught me that

3 years ago


*photos taken by me of my daughter

31 thoughts on “Poetry and photographs

    1. No. i have absolutely no idea what I am doing! I just take pictures to be mindful of the moment and whatever catches my eye. I try and go out and find beauty in the world

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      1. She is a stunning subject and I hunk you did an amazing job capturing her beauty in pictures. Very sweet. Congrats on the new camera. You might know I’m a photography fan myself. Have fun with it and use to distract yourself in a creative way. Xo


      2. Thank you! I have NO CLUE what I am doing and my right eye is still defunct due to the seizures and so I cannot read the manual. Just kind of takin pictures! And having fun with it. What I find beautiufl I know not everyone else does. Like a mushroom or a leaf or a raindrop. But my daughter radiates beauty because she is such a compassionate loving human being

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      3. Then we like the same things and beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. There is no right or wrong to art and what you want to capture in your viewfinder. Heck, I won a photo contest with a picture of a weed. You would think nobody finds that appealing but I won. So keep snapping pictures of whatever it is that captures your imagination. There is nothing wrong with pint and shoot.


      4. Yeah I had all forgotten about my submission as they called and it was a great surprise. There were only 400 submissions, but still I thought it was pretty neat. And then go bag the others with a weed, still a bit hard to comprehend. I saw some of the other pictures and honestly thought mine was crap compared to them, but it goes to show that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and that we are our worst critic. Use it to fuel your inspiration but don’t forget to celebrate the beautiful milestone you already achieved. You are doing great.


      5. I have tucked away in the desktop and will have to dig it out. I will make a post about it and be sure to let you know. It’s a weed mixed with a modern game and bubbles. You’ll see, it’s hard to explain.

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    1. Thank you so much. I was feeling very deeply when I wrote that. I LOVED the pictures I took of her. I have no idea why but I felt it captured her true being of purity and radiance. Thank you so much for noticing like you always do

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