Mindful adventures in nature 2

When we got to the next park it was bitter cold. The wind off the prairie there was so gusty that it kept blowing my camera sideways. There were many photographers there with tripods and lens as long as my body! Everyone was happy and pleasant and children were running down the paths. There were long paths of boardwalks and also packed gravel roads which we went down to see some other birds. We were there far longer than I realized.

This bird was the first we saw when we got there.

His head was turned around backwards looking at us as he was sunning himself

The next few birds were so beautiful and colorful that I could have sat all day looking at them. There were so many more to see though. I chatted with them, which apparently is totally acceptable among bird watchers and photographers!

8 thoughts on “Mindful adventures in nature 2

    1. Yes there were alligators there too. Well I saw one. And we realized this halfway through the walk. They were down a long embankment but we thought as the kids were running around how we would never let our child do that and how we would be so hypervigilant it would ruin the fun of seeing the birds. The walkway was high and same boardwalks. Then there was a steep slope down to the water. There have been no alligator attacks in either of these places. I’m guessing they eat the fish there. There were no pets or dogs allowed at either place though.

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