Mindful adventures in nature 1 (La Chua trail paynes prairie and Sweetwater wetlands preserve)

My husband and I left for a mindfulness adventure. We went to another state park that is know for birds. I was surprised to see the alligators! There was a bridge we went under that used to be an old railroad track. It was all paved so accessible to me. There was a long boardwalk that went out over the water. Here are some of the photos that I took.

I also learned that bird watchers are MY KIND OF PEOPLE> everyone we met today, walked past, or even glanced at, was full of smiles and hellos, and have a good day. It was so nice! One couple helped me learn about my new camera by helping me take a picture of the pink snail eggs that are halfway down.

I felt like I wanted to see more so they suggested another park that was specifically for bird watchers and we went there next.

14 thoughts on “Mindful adventures in nature 1 (La Chua trail paynes prairie and Sweetwater wetlands preserve)

    1. Oh duh!!! Yes it should have been! Thank you for pointing that out!!!!
      La Chua trail paynes prairie state park and sweetwater wetlands park Gainesville Florida.
      We were nowhere near the gators. I just have a zoom lens.

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      1. I see you added the information to the title, that works πŸ˜—
        Sometimes a link that opens in a separate tab is what include in my posts. Thank you for considering my suggestion so graciously.

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      2. I never thought bout. Link. I will do that next time.
        Im always up for suggestions. I appreciate it and always glad to get comments on my blog from those who enjoy nature like i do

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  1. Bethany
    Great photos. I had the same thought too- how did you keep safe from the alligators especially on the paved path under the railroad ??
    Beautiful pictures, good weather and nice people.
    Great day for an outing. Glad you are happy as when you write happily, you spread happiness.


    1. I was on an elevated boardwalk and the alligators were in the water and at the end of the boardwalk past a locked gate. The path is flooded so the alligators are sunning there and it is closed for safety reasons. I was not as close as it looks! Just used a zoom lens. I am petrified of them. I would not go near them!
      There was no water and no alligators on the sidewalks up to the board walk like where the old train track was. We kept an eye out though. The boardwalk had high rails and fencing so there was not a chance to fall in. It was safe.

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  2. Beautiful egret or heron in the photos. I used to see them when I would visit Florida to visit my sister. She lived in Cocoa, Florida and worked at NASA. I hate alligators and crocodiles. They look evil. Still, they are just an animal who wants to eat, so they aren’t evil at all. Lol

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    1. I shivered and shuddered as i looked at these alligators!! Only took a few pictures incase someone hadnt seen one but i enjoyed the birds way more. I took over 1000 photos, i hoped a few wouldnt be blurry!

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