Botanical gardens

I was very nervous about going to the Camellia show. Nervous people would touch me. Nervous I would run into my family or people from the town I grew up in. Wasted energy! None of this happened. I wore my do not touch me shirt and put a sign on the back of my scooter that says please do not touch me. And no one did! It was close quarters with so many people in a small area but everyone was extremely polite. All there to look at the beautiful flowers. My kind of people!! I’m pretty sure not one person was under the age of 70 but me. Which made me wonder why more individuals did not want to come and see the beauty in a flower petal.

After the flowers, my husband and I went outside to look at the rest of the gardens. Here are some of the pictures that I took. After we had a bite to eat and I took a selfie! Because I wanted to show off my new shirt!! We had a hard freeze here in florida and the poor banana trees looked a little sad but there was still life in them in that green! I hope you enjoy the serenity of these photos. Each one made me feel peace.

27 thoughts on “Botanical gardens

    1. Thank you!!! I actually wore make up today! We had a really good time out. Tomorrow we are going to a new place where a special kind of bird is found so I am on a search mission with my camera

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    1. Thanks Nan!
      I was SOO cold when I took that. We were at a Latin cafe and had just come in from being in the freezing cold. I was happy that my husband and I were able to spend time together and that we then got to eat a wonderful meal together.
      The gardens are miles and miles of all wheelchair accessible gardens. Herb garden, bamboo garden, rose garden, and so on. Most of it got hit by the freeze but we enjoyed it all anyway

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  1. This was so good to read that everyone was respectful of your personal space. And no one under the age of 70…you could’ve worn the other shirt, lol.

    Those gardens look so peaceful. I love koi ponds. I really like the tree at the top. Love how the trunk, branches, roots, all twist around in different directions. And that selfie, you look fierce. I need that hair cut, it would make life so easy.

    It’s good to read that you had a good time and all your worry was for nothing, even though I understand where it came from…obviously.

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    1. I love my hair being cut. Makes me feel stronger!
      I COULD have worn the other one. Not one child was there.
      I want to write a poem about that tree and how it was all wrapped up. It seem protected. I loved it.
      It was funny, i think i made everyone so nervous with my shirt. They looked at it, looked at me, looked at it and I dont think knew what to make of me.
      I’m glad I went because I faced a fear that didnt happen. But i had a plan if it did which made me feel well enough to go.

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      1. Yeah, making a plan can make you feel more confident for sure.

        I’m laughing about how people reacted to the shirt. If you don’t need the foul language for it to work that’s even better I suppose. (Not that I’m offended by it. Fuck happens to be one of my favorite cuss words, lol). As long as the message gets across, I say. I would’ve loved to have been there to see the faces of all the people who reacted.

        I’m sure it feels good to face a fear, even if it proves to be “nothing.” (For lack of a better way to put that.)


      2. I washed and wore the shirt again today and we went out to eat because I knew after our day I would never be able to fix food at home. Anyone everyone kept staring at me. I didn’t mind. No one touched me and that is all that mattered

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  2. Oh Bethany I’m so proud of you. I’m glad you and your husband had a wonderful day together. The pictures are beautiful. I would love to go there someday. I’m so proud of you I truly am. I love you and I love your shirt.

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  3. Absolutely delighted that you enjoyed your time there! When I looked at the photographs, I felt a pressure lift from my heart area… I felt something heavy had been lifted. What beautiful photographs. It is a very special place. Very healing. And you are a very special lady. Thank you for sharing these. 🌻

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