8 thoughts on “Butterfly world. I could live here forever.

    1. I looked after and it was about 1300 pictures I took and 100 of them pretty clear and about 20 I could post. Some I just was so frustrated because I wanted it so badly and I could not have a clear shot at all!! But then these turned out really well so i am happy!

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  1. I love them. It was so nice to see Regina and her friends. Thanks for sharing. I bought myself a shower curtain with butterflies and I put it up on New Year’s Day. I also bought an ornament that is a butterfly. I hung it in my bathroom. I also hung up a card my mom gave me with a butterfly on it. I’ll take pictures and send you an email of them.


    1. I posted this mostly for you. I’m so glad you read it and got to see all of the pictures!!!!
      Yes please take pictures and email me i would love to see them

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    1. I had a lady bug on me the other day and it was super cool! Hi Emily. I have always loved any sort of bug or insect. Little inch worm was on me last week. I just watch them . I had even a snail on me a few days ago crawling on my arm. I love them all


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