Living: part 2

My husband and I went to Paynes prairie in hopes of seeing some deer to photograph. I had NO idea where that would lead me.

We drove slowly down the road to get to the prairie. Along side of the road my husband saw one deer. He ran off. Then we pulled up a little more and saw 2 deer. I had my scooter in the back of the car but I knew that it could not go into the woods. I thought I would just walk to the edge of the woods. 2 of the deer ran off but one just stood there looking at me. My husband later said he could hear me talking to her. She turned and walked into the woods and I followed her. I have not walked in the woods for…12 or so years maybe. I focused 100% on the deer. I didn’t even look down at the ground I was walking on. I just followed her. She kept stopping and looking at me. Then we got to a clearing. I could see a pond and something beyond her. She turned around and looked right at me with another deer that walked up. I started to cry. I felt in my heart the innocence of this creature who had led me into the woods. She pinned one ear back and one to me. One to listen to me as I talked to her and one to what was behind her. Then she dashed off. She gave me this…don’t go further look…I didn’t listen. I wanted to see what she had her ear cocked back at. I walked forward and saw them. They were wild pigs, boar, I have no idea. There were 10 tiny babies. A mother. I stood there and dare not move! She saw me and did this awful squeal and I thought for sure I was a goner. Then I gently told her that I was safe and everything was ok and I would not come further. She just looked at me. I took her picture so I didn’t forget it. Then she ran off with all of her babies. I was left in the middle of the woods with this pond. I thought. Ummm. How do I get back!!!!! I’m in the middle of the woods. I didn’t even see my car!!!! My husband later said he lost sight of me and I was so far he didn’t even hear the pig.

I slowly made my way back to the car. I walked very slowly and carefully. It was not as easy as when I was focused on the deer!!! But i made it. I was immediately given a protein bar and water and announced that I could cross of walking in the woods from my bucket list!!!!

9 thoughts on “Living: part 2

    1. You know I looked at each of those deer and I told barry and riley that that one deer just looked different. Something different. I don’t know what it was but he/she made me cry just the way she looked at me and seemed to know me. Cant explain it.
      Yeah, he looked it up when he was home and said it really was a wild boar and how dangerous they could be with their babies but this one was fine and the pond was just cool with a tree in the middle of it.
      It was a neat day i have to say. I thought of nothing . Brain clear of thought. Rare

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