Just a very large pig

My husband took me out today and I took 3 hours worth of pictures. I know I am no photographer and some are blurry but that is not the point for me. The point is that I LOVEEEE being out in nature and enjoying animals.

Today I brought some treats for the horses, and the pig ran up excited to get some too. I have to admit I have never been this close to a pig and he was oinking!!!! We then went to the park where my husband ran sprints and I found tons of tiny birds that I adored!!!! I posted them separately, and the pig… well…he just needed to be here all on his own!!!!

17 thoughts on “Just a very large pig

    1. I read that too! This guy ran out with the horses as fast as he could as soon as he saw the bag of goodies I had. Apparently he wandered up one day and just stayed. He is well fed I’d say!


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