28 thoughts on “Mindfulness :The birds birds everywhere birds!!!!!

    1. I did! I took these today. It got sunny then overcast and was really dark which is why the birds in the tree were so dark. My daughter desperately wanted me to filter them but I don’t even know how to use the camera yet!! And I like things as they are.
      I was so excited to post them! They really calmed me in a day full of extreme pain. The pictures of my daughter were taken yesterday

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  1. OK wow! It’s like they all knew to show up for the photo shoot with the new camera. Lol

    I of course love them all but the hawk(?) flying against that bright/deep blue sky, that one is just really great. It’s rare to see such a clear blue sky anymore. At least here anyway.

    A few questions:
    -Is the bird on the sign a vulture??

    -The fifth picture from the bottom, what kind of bird is that? I love the blue.

    -The sixth picture from the bottom, what is that figure on the right of the two birds? My brain is translating it to my eyeballs as a small dinosaur with no hair. Lol.


      1. It is just day 2 of my new camera !!! It helps to be even more mindful. I would crouch down in pain and then say..ohhh a flower!!! And be right back in it. Helps to keep me focused

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    1. I did too. They were my favorite. They looked like a drawing or something.
      I met a goat farmer as I was taking them. She introduced me to her farm. She seemed to understand my love of nature and my harder time connecting with or even the desire to just chat with a person. I told her i love to connect to nature far more than with other people these days as people let me down and nature never seems to. It always provides a moment of joy or peace or calm.
      Thanks or looking at my pictures !

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  2. I love the bird ones!

    PS I sent an email the other day with an important update on something we were discussing which needs a reply, not sure if you’ve seen that yet, but I thought I’d bring it to your attention here as well just in case it is buried in amongst other emails or gone to spam or something. xx


    1. Thank you! I just go and sit for hours and watch and take pictures and it has given me a new sense of peace. I love it! I can then zoom in on my ipad and see details of these birds i never knew existed

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      1. I am SOOO excited to hear this!!!!!!!!!!
        So happy for you.
        Well kind of like my photos….it is the thought and intention right? And if we live in the moment and aren’t too hard on ourselves it will bring others joy. Cant wait to see one

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      2. A pink ball. Alrighty then. It will all come back i am sure of it. A masterpiece is waiting and even if you dont think it is perfect i know it will inspire others

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