37 thoughts on “Mindfulness brought to you by my new camera

  1. Yay! So happy for you that you got a camera. These photos are sharp. I really like the ones where the background is soft/blurred out (like a back drop) and the subject/foreground is nice and crisp, clear and sharp. Can’t wait to see more.

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      1. On this camera they seem to be. No idea which setin or buttons i pushed either! Just started turning knobs. The print is too small for my eyes and the camera is so complicated. So i winged it

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      2. How was your day?
        It took me until 5 to put “real”clothes on. Husband baked a great dinner. He got me that blue necklace in the picture to match my favorite blue butterfly. Thoughtful.

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      3. I waited to shower til B left and then just got into sweats. So it was an uneventful and quiet day. Considering some alternative ways it could’ve gone, I’ll take it.

        I won’t lie though, it was lonely.

        I wrote a couple posts, one a poem. I was going to ask if you could read that one. It’s called “Lonely Relief.”

        The last couple days (before today) weren’t so good either. It’s been emotional to say the least.

        That’s so great that your husband made dinner. What was it? I made myself some rice and beef. It was quite comforting actually. Two of my favorite foods in one dish. πŸ™‚

        I like the butterfly too. Is it turquoise? It’s really pretty.

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      4. I thought of you being alone and hated that for you. I was wearing his old clothes long johns. He mae green bean casserole and sweat potato casserole and found some vegan cinnamon rolls and made turkey for himself. I will read your poem now

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    1. Didnt read the manual!!!!! Just went out and started taking pictures with no clue what i was ding. I love how vibrant the color is and the sharpness and how the background just blurred . I cant wait for tomorrow to see what i get! I dont think ive ever had the background so blurred and the pic s sharp before. The sun was setting. I hope to get more in the bright sun tomorow

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