I am haunted by your wave

Your smile so happy to see

A girl in a wheelchair looking at your sky

You didn’t know as you waved and smiled it was me

I remember my life with you

The beautiful inbetween

After the childhood abuse

And before the husband of you

That blissful place when we were friends

Healthiness and happiness would never end

Picking fruit

Swinging on a limb

Barefoot on your acres of ten

I was your sister

My child like your own

Kindred spirits

Running wild in the unknown

Your fruit tree grove

Free to be children

Free to be seen

Covered in horse and dirt

Loving and living from the earth

Being what we’d chosen from birth.

The beautiful inbetween

A gift for my child

A precious time

I will carry in my heart

I saw your smile

and the goodness in you

You drove and passed

Were you thinking it too?

Turn around

Change fate

You made a mistake

But it isn’t too late.

I sat in the chair

Watching your blonde hair

Fly out the window

And remembered.

The love.

And I missed what should have been

So much.

What could have been.

If you hadn’t chosen him.

You let the predator win.

But you too were in his den.

I watched the pink sky

My husband standing by my side.

I knew

I’d never

Understand why.

Abuse it does ripple

Denial it does trickle

So that you wave with pity

And perhaps sorrow

For a person you knew

One long lost tomorrow

Could have

Should have

Just pressed the brake

Set free the heartbreak

But you did what still makes me sigh

As I write this

Thinking of you in the middle of the night

Drove right by


No tear in your eye

Did you really not recognize?

My husband and me

Under the pink sky.

* an old friend passed me on the road. These are the emotions it evoked.

12 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this. Losing a friend is hard. I am going to say it’s their loss not yours. You’ve lost so much over the years, but what you have gained has been worth it. You’ve gained the most beautiful thing in the world: you’ve gained a whole family on WordPress that truly loves you and cares for you and that will always be there for you and have your back. I love you. I’m so proud! I’m always here for you and I’ve always got your back and I’ll always look out for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so,appreciate of what I have gained.
      Losing her was so hard ten years ago, seeing her bitter sweet, but I’ve already let it go, it’s why I write,
      Thank you for always being here

      Liked by 1 person

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