A pink sky (photos)

The pinks and the purples and the sliver of moon were so breathtaking tonight. I was thinking of my buddy over at crazywriterof6 who couldn’t get out to see the sky and wanted to post these for him and everyone else who needed a little beauty in their day.

My husband and I went together tonight to the prairie. By wheelchair it takes about 45 minutes. Driving on the prairie in my chair is a bumpy bumpy ride but to be greeted by this sky and to be able to share the moment with my husband and then with all of you it is just magical. Looking at this sky sucked every ounce of bad, nightmare, flashback, pain, right out of me. I truly enjoyed the moment. I shared with my husband how I look forward to this and waking up the next day wondering what they sky or the birds may bring. Amidst all of the turmoil that I have in my own mind with PTSD and my body with all of these diseases, these moments are what keep me going. I hope the pictures bring a moment of peace to you too.

25 thoughts on “A pink sky (photos)

  1. Those look so amazing! I really appreciate the dedication! I’ll try and paint some of them. If I accomplish it I will post them for you! I love the skies and mountains and prairies. I am one of those people that used to go camping to see the land, like Grand canyons and parks… Forests. I love it. I love painting landscapes, writing sappy poetry about it all… You are awesome. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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    1. I miss hiking so much. But I know at least I get out on my little wheelchair adventures. Can’t wait to see one of your paintings one day.
      Your poetry is great.
      Merry Christmas to you and your family too!


      1. I’m really really glad. I told my husband on the way I wanted to get some for you. And wow. I haven’t seen pink like that. He said he’d never seen a sky look like that

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    1. What’s so funny is now that I know how bad my vision is I wonder how nice they really are!!!! To me they are beautiful. I’m glad you feel the same,
      They are just to remind me of the moment so perfection isn’t what I look for anyway just the capturing of the moment

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