Photographs of tiny birds, tiny pink streaks of clouds, and one beautiful Camellia

I was so excited when a few days ago a bud developed on a Camellia that I had waited 14 years to bloom.

This morning I planned to go and check on the progress but I got sidetracked on the prairie watching the tiny birds fly in and out of trees! There was a tiny yellow bird that flew back and forth, a small black bird that flew back and forth, and the cranes that relocated many times while I was there.

I pulled into my driveway and the clouds were the most beautiful pink! I took a picture of the pink through our Live Oak in our front yard.

Went in the house and realized it was dark! And I had missed my flower blooming! So I did what anyone who has waited 14 years for a flower to bloom…walked out in the dark with my daughter’s flash camera and took a picture. It is the thickest Camellia I have ever felt. The petals were so thick and triple any flower petal number I have ever seen. I couldn’t wait to post my pictures.

Today was a hard day. I had many flashbacks all morning. I could not clear my head, let go of the memories, cope with the memories, cope with my illness or my daughter’s illness. It wasn’t until I saw the pink in the sky and my flower that I finally felt settled.

21 thoughts on “Photographs of tiny birds, tiny pink streaks of clouds, and one beautiful Camellia

      1. On wordpress if you make a comment I have it set to approve the comment. This is because there were a few trolls about making not pleasant comments and I would wake up to full arguements over rude comments so I put it on approve comment so unless I see it then I cannot approve it. But I have been here all evening and it will pop up right away so our wifi may have just been down. Around 6pm and 8pm it often goes in and out. We have NO idea why. But thank you for leaving the comments and after I read that you had thought about the bloom I had to post the picture I ran out to take

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    1. There is a Camellia show here in January where they will be selling all different varieties. I need to save up! As IF I have money to toss at camellias but I do think after waiting all this time for one bloom I should get one maybe that is already blooming?!!!
      I have two in the side yard that also have never bloomed. They have buds on them too and I have no idea what color they are because I planted them so long ago

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