SoCS: Liquid: The girl and the monster. Trigger warning

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Dec. 9/17

The girl and the monster.

The girl had had so many boyfriends that had hurt her. This one was different. She met him on her birthday. He walked her home. He was going to be it. He loved her almost right away. He said he loved her every day, every night. He complimented all the parts of her that she felt self conscious about. He seemed to know every part of her that she hated and he loved those parts. He took her to movies and bought her popcorn. Let her choose the movie too! She fell hard. He moved in to her apartment almost right away. He gave her warmth, comfort, and security.

Her parents had a party and she brought him. Almost immediately her grandma pulled her aside and said he was NOT the right boy for her. She knew. What did she know? What did SHE know! He was gorgeous and he chose her and she was just the plain girl. Her parents loved him. Everyone loved him. He made everyone laugh. He made her laugh. He was perfect on paper, on pictures, and in life…until he wasn’t.

He took her home to meet his parents. She felt very special. She had her own room. She didn’t sleep away from home. Whenever away from home she never slept. The girl could stay awake for 3 days in a row. The girl’s boyfriend’s brother came home with them. She did not like the brother. He smiled at her in a way she did not like. She saw him enter her room the first night at their parent’s house, and stood and watched her. He thought she was asleep. She knew better than to sleep and this was why. He did nothing. Just watched. Then he was gone. The girl locked the girl. She heard the door knob click and click. She got under the bed and finally slept a few hours. She had to pee. LIQUID in a glass that was not water. She was embarrassed but no one knew what LIQUID was in that glass. She was afraid of the dark so she peed in the water glass while locked in the room. When the girl woke up she didn’t know what to do with the pee glass. When she unlocked the door the brother was there and he saw the girl standing with her own urine in the glass. He leaned forward and whispered, “put that in the dishwasher and I won’t tell anyone.” She wondered if anyone drank out of that glass. She would have rather thrown it away but he was watching. How did he know she had peed in the glass?

The next night the girl’s perfect boyfriend took her out to meet his friends. His best friend was very handsome. He was very nice. They had a wonderful time. When they got home it was 2AM. Both her boyfriend and his best friend came into her room. She wasn’t sure why. She left to take a shower and get ready for bed. Surely they would be gone when she got back. They were both sitting on the bed. Her boyfriend immediately grabbed her passionately and started to kiss her. He tossed her on the bed and jumped on top of her. His best friend was still sitting there. She had her eyes open. She watched his best friend. Why was he there? Her boyfriend loved her. He was protective over her. He gave her the security she never had before. She had been abused and used by everyone but he was different. She knew the bad guys now. They were her boyfriend’s brother.

The best friend joined in. They both had sex with her at the same time. Was this rape? What was this? She said nothing. The girl’s boyfriend finished and then got up and left. She heard the shower start to run. She knew his parents were right there in the living room. Why were they awake in the middle of the night? The girl saw herself as if out of her own body. She saw herself sitting there on that bed and her eyes and the fear. The girl knew if she were loud enough that the parents, they would come check! Why did her perfect boyfriend leave her with his best friend? Her boyfriend was gone. What else was he going to do to the girl? The best friend said, “You better finish me off!” The girl ran naked into the bathroom. She sat on the floor. Her boyfriend was getting out of the shower. He said nothing. He smiled at her like his brother did. She could not cry. She could not feel. She was dead inside. She got into the shower and started scrubbing. This was the first time after all of the abuse she had endured in life that she was sure this could not be washed off. None of this. She used the most fragrant soap in the shower. So many gels she smelled each of them. Her skin was raw and smelled of peaches. The girl kept thinking that the parents were still up and it was 4 am so she had to blow dry her hair so they wouldn’t know she was taking another shower. They would think….what would they think then? The girl blew dry her hair until her scalp was burning hot. Her hair sucked into the back of the hair dryer and she smelled the smell of the peaches on her skin and her hair burning in the hair dryer. She didn’t know what would happen when she left the bathroom.

She slowly opened the door to the bathroom and the brother was there. She slid past him without saying a word and she went into the bedroom. No one was there. She locked the door and climbed under the bed where she watched vigilantly the light under the door.

The next morning the girl’s boyfriend greeted her as if nothing had happened. Had nothing happened? Was all of this a nightmare? He was acting totally normal. Just like the boyfriend that she had dated for all of these months. The best friend was gone. She was hugged by the mother thankful to have finally met the “perfect girl” for their son. The girl got into the car with her boyfriend and his brother. They dropped the brother off at his house. The girl and her boyfriend stepped into their own little apartment and continued as if nothing had happened. Months passed. Nothing was ever mentioned of the best friend. Maybe just maybe the girl had been wrong about everything. She questioned herself and reality as she often did with all of the past abuse. He went back to being perfect. They went to a special dinner where she introduced other family to her boyfriend. They loved him. Because he was perfect. The dinner was perfect. They got home and the girl’s boyfriend looked like his brother when he smiled at the girl. Bad things were about to happen but just at the hands of him.

The girl did not get away from her boyfriend for a very long time. She still has nightmares of him. She still scrubs her skin raw when the thought of him crosses her mind. The girl thought she knew monsters. She didn’t until she met him. He was worse than all of the abusers she had encountered before. He still is. A monster.

10 thoughts on “SoCS: Liquid: The girl and the monster. Trigger warning

  1. Oh Bethany, how terrible, how horrific. Sometimes I think there are so many of these men that there is no way to avoid them. And how do we recognize them when dating?
    I read once, in an article from a psychologist, that you have to date a person for 3 years before you really know them. Who does that anymore? I don’t know of anyone. Even men who have said they are Christians can be abusive. It is all just so horrible.

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    1. Every man who abused me had a cross around his neck. I remember each one. I was young. If i could share any knowledge it would be dont let them move in with you as it is hard to get away! 3 years dating sounds good.
      Interesting my husband is the same now as when i met him.
      Maybe it takes 3 years to see the bad potential

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  2. A face of someone I dated came into mind as I read this – only my story, with him ended so much better. Bethany, I WISH your story would have ended the same as mine. When I met my ‘monster’ I knew after a few dates something was very wrong, and I was strong enough at that point to listen to my feelings and get the hell away.
    Years later, I look back – I know now that he was a pedophile and likely more. There were signs I wanted so badly to ignore (and just believe the best in him), I didn’t understand or recognise the signs back then. Now I do. Now I realise he recognised my vulnerability and new he could exploit me – he was still grooming me when I moved on, he would act so nice BUT there were inconsistencies in his niceness.
    Now I know when he introduced me to his mother – the way she behaved, I recognise it as her helping him to groom me. He needed a good, unassuming, kind girl to hide behind, and both him and his mother saw I would be suitable.
    Now I know when he told me a story about how he had been accused of being a pedophile, and worked hard to get me to laugh about the accusation – this was grooming. He was checking to see if I would buy his act of innocence – how easy I was to manipulate. I was easy to manipulate – I bought his lies initially.
    It’s not your fault Bethany! The reason you were vulnerable is becasue you were abused, and neglected – it’s not your failings. It’s theirs.
    We don’t need to tolerate toxic or abusive now. We’re free.
    Thanks for sharing – it makes all the difference knowing I’m not alone. There’s other people who are overcoming similar things to me. Stay strong!

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    1. I’ve been in a loving relationship for 22 years now so I am very fortunate that I have had time to heal from that time in my life, unfortunately there are still the occasional nightmare so i thought I’d write about it and try to get rid of it.
      Thank you for taking to time to read it and share your story. I’m so sorry that you had to endure this type of man even for a short time

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