Mindful katydid 3

My husband knows that even in my great fear of the katydid I would not want him run over by a car so he graciously let him crawl on his shoe to remove him from the road. I say videotaping the katydid was therapy enough for me. I would never let him get on me. Ever!

2 thoughts on “Mindful katydid 3

  1. I had to google this: so i think its like our grasshopper or cricket?
    We have these come inside during summer sometimes because theres so many of them around. Definitely not cool if you don’t like them though! You did well!


    1. I gagged at first!!! I thought it would be good cognitive behavior therapy for me!
      He was actually really interesting the more I sat there and calmed down around him. Ofcourse my husband’s commentary did not help!! But from what I read they are in the grasshopper family..or cricket family…shoot I can’t remember. I looked it up when I got home and already forgot

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