Rap times ten

I am a petal

Blown far from its tree of origin

I am no branch of dad

Don’t say I am spitting image of mom

I am an image of God.

I don’t have your eyes.

Not one leaf

Not a tiny crease.

I will not be claimed

By your genetic chains.

I am not your past.

My truth

Is fact.

Listen to my words!

I am woman

I’ve given birth

Have my own daughter

Who unlike you

I did not send HER off to slaughter.

I stand behind her

With my bat in hand.

She knows

I will,

For her,

Take down any woman or man

Who ever harmed her

As I always take a stand.

It’s what you forgot

About being basic human

Nature versus nurture?

I say instinct plus protective mother!

You are rooted in your one spot

Showing off your flowers

While I blew around the block

That petal you


You’re missin out

In your fancy BMW

No dog nose prints

On your pristine windows.

Thankfully I am a leader

Not a bedazzled follower.

I embrace my girl’s fingerprints

On the mirror

Where we write each other notes

In the steam

See, THIS is livin the dream!!!!!

To love

To laugh at the little things

Wearing my husband’s baggy clothes

Feeling beautiful in my own skin

Finally separated from my “real kin”

Who like to play “the victim”

Turning their back

Holding up their nose

Pretending the REAL abuse of me

They didn’t know.

I call


I say NO!

You’ve labeled


You’ve judged

When you are all the

Only “crazy” fucks.

I talk to the cows

I dance in the wind

I lay on the grass

With my child

Where I teach

The power

Of being real


The potential she will reach

Because unlike your stagnated family

I’ve given her the OPPORTUNITY of SPEECH!

She will be free of your version of the perfect queen

No princesses here

AND I wouldn’t want her to be just like me.

I will let her, I WANT for her to fly free

Making her OWN destiny.


I am a blown away petal

Far away from that tree of origin

I finally get

A chance

To begin!

You stay in the ordinary thinkin you are some sort

Of extraordinary

But you and I know the REAL story


Come on

I’m not really the “rebel daughter”

I’m just a petal

Who CHOSE to

Fly FARTHER!!!!!!!!!

10 thoughts on “Rap times ten

  1. I have read many autobiographies and biographies. I know one thing, families can be toxic, unloving, critical, cruel, and abusive. If this describes our family, it is for our own good and our children’s good to get away from them and stay away. Your poetry is very powerful.


    1. Getting my daughter away from toxic was very important. I spent my life feeling inadequate and not enough and i am free of that. It is so hard though. Knowing that they didn’t even care and just walked away. I just dont know how anyone can be like them. Kind of like you i will never understand why my family chose what they did but our hearts are not like theirs so we never will.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My father was such a jerk that everyone believed me except his family. I barely knew them anyway. My father had been unfaithful to my mom, had been arrested for embezzling, and had a terrible temper. None of us children liked him. So, it was easy for them to believe me.


  2. Our karmic footprints lead us into a birth family wherein life’s journey begins. And so it doesn’t have to end there… the “sea” of life can and is turbulent at times. Learn well and keep “traveling” as we can and do arrive at shores very distant from our beginnings. Take comfort that you are away from you origin, learning to live your life! Thanks for sharing a part of yourself.


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