Poetry: ENOUGH

*photo taken by my daughter


You’re not good enough!


You’re not enough!

Kicked down,

While being told,


That’s not the correct shirt.

That’s not the proper word.

That’s good, wear that skirt

Just don’t zip it all the way up.


Has it’s own reality

None of which applies to me.

I know the rules

Of which I follow

But the criminals

They didn’t when

The passed me

And borrowed.

Leaving this…


Pardon me

While I build myself

From the ground up

With a broken body

Which you thought was so weak.

But it’s got a deep tough

That makes me




15 thoughts on “Poetry: ENOUGH

    1. Thank you! It was when both my sweet dogs were with me. They are both gone now. That was almost exactly 2 years ago. They loved to go on wheelchair runs. My electric wheelchair goes really fast

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      1. Oh gosh yes. We tried to have a foster dog to adopt but I couldn’t just let her out to pee because of the foxes that come in our yard. Our dogs grew up with them and they would pee and come right back. She would just run out in the yard in the corner where the foxes were and we couldnt get her back because I can’t walk all the way to the corner of the yard. So then i ended up having to walk her in my wheelchair at midnight and it was just a disaster and i was exhausted. Then i was allergic. So now we don”t really know what to do. It is difficult now to take care of my daughter and myself and the idea of having to train a dog and then to give it the life it deserves i just am not up for. But boy is it a topic around here daily. We miss ours so much. Jess , the black one was a service dog and seizure alert dog and molly, the yellow one was my daughter’s dog. They passed away 2 years ago molly and one year ago jess.

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      2. Thatโ€™s so sad! I adore dogs. I can let my chihuahua out to pee and she usually comes right back but it is definitely because she was trained which is hard when you can do everything so that would definitely be tough on you!
        Iโ€™m glad you have good memories too ๐Ÿ˜€


      3. They were already trained so young. I had my wheelchair when they were 2 and they lived until they were 14 so they knew the routine. Starting over again would just be so hard. And jess was so connected to me he would only run out , pee and come back. Training a new dog would take a lot of patience and I am very OCD (actually have it) applied to them making sure they have a few walks a day even though we have an acre. It’s the curve balls like the raccoons and the foxes that our dogs were used to and a new dog won’t be.

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