Poetry and photo and video

I tried to walk to the tree of light

I only wanted to stand under her height

Looking at her bark in the fall, turned white

In the purest of sunlight

I’ve loved in the past to hear the breeze blow her leaves

But today was silent

But for the crunching beneath my feet.

Fallen and brown

Thick layers on the ground

My legs struggled

My brain pained by the sound

Just make it to the tree

But the breaking of each leaf

Feels like the hundreds of “only me”

A mile of trampled dreams



On the dead

In my 6 ounce running shoes

The only shoes light enough

To lift my atrophied legs

Making it to the tree

Seems all I have left

I stop

Enough of this walk

I took off my shoes

Dug my feet to the earth

And stood under the tree of light

My sigh did not go unheard

I breathed in her beauty

She looked on at my strength

That silent moment

Left me to think

Of nothing

But the tree and her leaves

And how she was the embodiment of me

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