My 40 year old prom.

I didn’t get to go to my senior prom. I was in a mental hospital and then got my GED. I did go on later to get my degree in Early Childhood Education and also became a Chaplain. As for senior prom, it did not happen. My attempted suicide put a kink in all of that. I never even really thought about it until my daughter’s Junior year of highschool. My older brother sent my daughter his daughter’s dress, hoping she could wear it. It didn’t fit her. We ended up finding a girl who had no money for her prom dress and gave it to her. For one day though, I wore that dress. I spun around in the living room. My dog, Jess, posed with me in our “Redefining the past” moment where I got to finally wear a prom dress!

Still makes me smile.

15 thoughts on “My 40 year old prom.

  1. Your challenges didn’t stop you from becoming who you are today. You did great!
    When I taught parenting classes, I had a graduation ceremony and played Pomp and Circumstance, parents walked into the room from the hallway. I invited the school superintendent to present the certificates to them. During sharing time, some parents were in tears and said that was the only graduation they had.


  2. You look lovely. I’m sorry you missed your prom. I left school after grade 11. I had a remarkable report card, straight Fs, all year long. Lol Scool wasn’t relevant to me because how can you care about school when you know no one loves you. Right? Nothing means anything if you never see love anywhere!

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    1. Yes! Exactly!!!!
      I actually liked college when I started. I had so many D’s and F’s in highschool I was shocked that I wasn’t as dumb as I thought and made B’s in college.
      I think when there is no real love or just support then nothing seems to matter. I’m sorry you didn’t have that

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