A caterpillar

Being mindful today was not hard at all. My daughter and I sat outside and embraced every autumn leaf and every ray of sun. We sat outside on our deck ALLLLL day until the sun set. The pictures are of the one maple tree I have and the crepe myrtle that are the only trees on our acre that actually change color. Everything else is a live oak or laurel oak and they stay green year round.

We watched the lizards, spiders, bugs, and plants. I went to take a picture of the green in the aloe plant and we stumbled across this caterpillar. He is APPARENTLY very poisonous! I knew this from researching him before. If you get one hair on you then things don’t turn out well!!! We took a video of him and his cute little deadly self. Ok we took many videos with commentary giving him a fake accent, etc, but we decided we had gotten way out of control so the video is the most silent one I have. Featuring…Hairy!

3 thoughts on “A caterpillar

    1. I planted it and was so happy to see they changed colors. I so wanted to pet this little guy. Obviously knew I couldn’t. But wanted to until his red eye stared at me and then I took a pass on that little wish. I will stick with goats and donkeys and horses

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