True story poetry part 2

*tw this poem may be upsetting to some

I went to the land of the dragonflies

And the golden reeds

I went to the whispering colors of the sky

Standing in the wildflowers

Others call weeds

I sang in gratitude

That burst forth

With the cranes

I sang

And I sang

I sang to a cow


Isn’t this a poem?


You sang to a cow


I sang her a song

I thanked her for being there.

In all my days of loneliness.

She heard me

She cared

She moo-ed back.

It’s true

True story

I’m aware some think my ways are quack.

And then I noticed the others

All the cows

Out to graze

I’d been here just yesterday

Watching the birth

Of their babes.

I stood

Questioning them

Lost in their daze.

I had witness life.

It made me cherish my daughter.

But their babies now gone



To slaughter.

I told them how sorry I was for their loss.

Can a cow understand?

I could only feel inside me

The cruelty of man.

I have never screamed.

I have never known how.

I screamed.

I screamed again.

I screamed with every fiber within.

I screamed from every cell.

I screamed to God

From the depths of hell.

Tears I never knew I had.

A voice crying from a wound.

Ringing in my ears

Silent no more

Blood finally dripping

From the scars I bore.

The violations

Exploded from my body.

The false representations

Tore from the crevices.

I prayed for the blood of Christ

To cover all of these abominations.

Free me from the curse of these generations.

I screamed to all who have caused me harm

I screamed in a wailing mourn.

Weak in the epiphany

Of so many

That contributed

To what could have been

The downfall of me.

The screaming.

It’s left me hoarse

It’s left me knowing

There will be a reckoning

There will be a time



this score.

I am so tired now

More tired than I’ve ever been

The truth may set some free


It just feels like

The end.

I will be careful now

What I wish for

My song

Left me


On the


One day

I hope

My song

Allows me

To soar.

31 thoughts on “True story poetry part 2

    1. Thanks for reading my saga!!!
      My poor husband came home to me crying in the car. I told him he just needed to leave me there for awhile. Thankfully he made dinner or our daughter and I had some time to myself and then got in some good hair stroking which he knows is the best calming technique for me.
      This actually came about after reading some of my childhood medical records and realizing how long I had endured abuse

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      1. No… I blacklisted him and hope to not hear from him again…much support from folks who have read it though… I was thinking about how much your response meant to me this morning and have begun writing a poem about how you touched my heart… it is called running with Bethany K… would it be alright with you if I post it when I’m done?


      2. Awwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!! That is really freaking nice. I am so so glad that my support touched your heart!
        Glad you blacklisted the bastard.
        I’m so glad you got support from everyone. That’s all you should ever get is love and support

        Liked by 1 person

      3. This is what you did for me… it’s like the Lord used you to go into a trigger memory for me.. of people who were supposed to be family members laughing at how I was abused … and instead of it just being me hanging my head … alone … all of a sudden it was you there standing with me telling them all NO!… no one has ever stood up to Robert for me … and I think if he read your comment he got the shock of his life… he was pretty much taught he could do anything to me and still be worshipped by the women who were supposed to act like my mother and grandmother… I was standing up to him… fighting the fight that was normally mine alone… and thought I’d ask you for support … you came over to my site immediately and addressed him personally..I read your comment to my daughter and she and I were both laughing for joy and cheering in our kitchen…I don’t think I’ll ever forget it… ever


      4. I’m sooooo glad I was able to stand with you and stand up to him. I hope he reads it!
        I’m so glad your daughter and you laughed for joy. That makes me so happy!
        You did a freaking bang up job standing up to him yourself let me tell you. What you wrote yourself was awesome. I’m glad you let me stand up to him too. It should never be yours alone. This man should have never been worshiped. But I know first hand that these kind of men can make us think that they are the winners because everyone will choose them over the victim but i KNOW and you know God sees it all and God is standing with us. We are definitely never alone. And you’ve always got me!

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  1. I’m very moved by what you are going through, a grieving of your childhood and youthful innocence that was wrested violently from you. Screaming is good, they say. Good for a broken soul. I do believe one day your song will soar.

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    1. Me too. I read other blogs and I have so much I want to say but I just cannot find the words. I can only seem to find them for myself in these last few months.
      But thank you for sharing your thoughts here

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      1. Hey. I’m doing okay. I got a migraine yesterday so I’m still feeling a little off, but other than that I’m fine. That’s okay. I’m still catching up myself. No hurry. All the posts will still be there so.

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