Choose your day

I woke up at 6 am to a nightmare of the worst kind. I knew I’d have a seizure. It was a pee in the bed/ seizure provoking/ PTSD kind of nightmare. Freaking hate them!!!!!! I had to take a valium (will stop a seizure pretty quickly and also relaxes cramping muscles) on top of my seizure meds to stop the breakthrough seizure. I finally fell back asleep and woke up to ANOTHER nightmare. I had this defeated feeling UNTIL>>>>>>> I opened my blinds and there the hawk was. Just sitting in the tree. I got up to get breakfast and my husband was in the kitchen. He was reviewing the grocery list with me and I stepped outside and there the hawk was, still sitting there. I waved my husband out just in time to see her. She was massive. All fluffed up and gorgeous. She flew over and chattered and we both got chills because, well, she is magnificent!!!!!! In that moment I decided that today’s intention was to find radiance. Anything that radiated color and magnificence!!! I saw from the deck that the sun was shining on the honeysuckle growing on the fence. As soon as my husband left for groceries I went out to find anything radiating. I saw the last of the summer flowers blooming. I saw the honeysuckle and smelled it right away. Stuck my nose right in it and breathed in the wonderful radiant scent that only honeysuckle has. Just as I was smelling a bee flew up. Can one have too many pictures of a bee? I say no!!!! I watched him for a long time. I watched his wings. I watched his legs. I watched him sucking the nectar. I’ve sucked the nectar of honeysuckle. I concurred with him that honeysuckle was infact an excellant choice. I truly enjoyed just hanging out with a bee and watching him. I walked back to the deck, where I inspected for a very long time, the spider web against the wall. The sun was shining through it. It was yellow just like the bee. I decided that yellow must be the radiant color of the day. I knew right then I would hope for a yellow sunset! Do you know that I left JUST in time to see the sun as it was dipping away. It was perfect timing! I was hoping for yellow but I got blue, lavender, pink, and all of the other radiant colors the sky offered me. I looked at that sky and was so glad I did not let the morning dictate my entire day. I CHOSE MY DAY. I’d like to share it with you…

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