14 thoughts on “Words cannot describe how it feels to be in the middle of hundreds of dragonflies.

    1. I was hoping the video would work. I have never uploaded one so long. Was waiting to see if anyone commented. Thanks! They were spectacular!!!!!! Hundreds of them everywhere and they were huge. In the video they look small like mosquitos but they were huge. Awesome to be in the middle of

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    1. I couldn’t tell. There was a high pitch sound but there were so many other birds. I need to research them. I have never seen such a thing. I just stood there in awe. That video was just right in front of me. They were all around me above my head and behind me. It was really spectacular

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    1. Yes. It was so amazing. I closed my eyes and could feel them buzzing by my head and hear their wings and it was really really awesome. And to watch them and the directions they would fly and how fast they were. Just amazing


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