*photograph taken by me on the prairie of the pink clouds setting sun and moon on the rise.

The tears of my soul

Are welling in my eyes

My heart finally knows

What my spirit tried to hide.

The past

Has arrived.

What will happen now

If I allow myself

To cry. 

Will I fall.

Will I rise. 

24 thoughts on “Poetry

      1. Thanks!!!!!!! They just pop into my brain out of no where and I quick type them out and publish them. I will be on a walk and take a picture and say hold up. Something came into my brain. It’s cool. My brain. I appreciate how it works as frustrated as it makes me with the whole PTSD bullshit I like how it works poetry wise! So thank you!

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      2. You’re so welcome, my pretty! I think poetry is one of those avenues of expression and release, like a catharsis πŸ’“πŸ’“. When the tension builds up in our brains/hearts, we transfer that energy into something beautiful. You’re so good at that πŸ’πŸ’

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      3. Oh hey. You don’t have a comment section on your about page on the silent wave. I coudln’t find one and I wanted to ask a question there. Do you have one and I didn’t see it?

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    1. Wow thank you! You really connected to what I felt so you know exactly what it feels like to be in that moment. It’s good to know someone understands, although I wish you didn’t. Because it means you’ve had that kind of pain.

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