Quick little save of the day!

My legs were VERY unhappy with my pretend Spider-Man poses yesterday as I knew they would be BUT I had to rescue this little guy. He was outside my window in spider web. Go FIGURE!!! Spider-Man is afraid of this spider but MUSt save caterpillar. I guess my spidey ways ended last night. My daughter had to come with me to make sure that while I was saving the green caterpillar, the massive spider did not come to get me! She was a good monitor! He was rescued and put on a plant. We are hopeful he will be ok. 

Tomorrow I have my follow up for memory loss/seizures with my Lyme disease Doctor who oversees all of my care. I will have to confess to my shenanigans as my left leg is in a lot of pain. I must say it is all worth it though!

13 thoughts on “Quick little save of the day!

  1. Hello Bethany. You are a great hero to the caterpillars, but now a villain to the arachne classes. 😍😊😋😃😃
    Bethany mind if I ask a question not dealing with your post? You mentioned your spiderman exercises caused you pain, which you have to talk to your doctor about. I had my first physical therapy session on monday and I did not feel bad doing the things the person asked me too. However that afternoon I had spasms of my back that I still am fighting tonight. They are bad. Now I think they will get less as I do the therapy but Ron doesn’t agree. He thinks that they pushed too hard and the fact that I have had to triple my meds and the strain has not yet subsided after three days means they need to change their frequency and approach to my back.

    You have been through this and I have not so I was wondering if you had any advice? Should I do as Ron wants and tell them to go slower and take more appointments? Or should I try to push through it with more meds? Ron thinks the less meds I have to take the better but he also says to take as many as I need to be able to walk and to be able to function.
    What do you think. Thanks. Hugs


    1. Yes. Squatting down like I did caused severe pain in my left leg, hips, and lower back. It has only gotten worse. I know my body and know that if I rest then in a few days I will be better. But if I were to do the same thing again, it would not be good. I have done PT and it made everything worse BUT they did not listen to me, pushed me too hard, and did not give me enough down time. Muscles are used in PT that aren’t used before so sometimes it is a bit of a flare up. I believe that anything that causes you to have to go up on your meds, and keeps you down longer than up is contra-intuitive. I would not push through it with more meds. I would go slower and gentler. Tell them that you had to triple your meds and are miserable. See if I overdo then I am done. I can’t do a thing. So what is the point in that if they are trying to get you stronger and you end up in bed unable to move then that is not moving forward. They need to get you moving forward but in a way your body can handle.
      Plus you still have other health issues not yet discovered you are waiting on too right?
      I have to agree with Ron.
      My legs barely work today. Normally i don’t do things like that. If i know i will be down and out i will balance it. I honestly did not think that position would hurt me since i was not up and standing. Mistake!
      Im actually going to discuss lidocaine patches tomorrow for this left leg to see if that helps.
      So for example. With driving. I worked up to 2 days a week. In a 7 day period i would drive one day. It would take me 2 days to recover. I’d be fine for 5 or so days then drive again. At one point that one drive took no time to recover from. So i added in another drive. Slow and steady. Nothing that causes too much pain and lessens your activity. Balance between getting stronger and overdoing so that you are then backtracking in bed.
      I hope this helps

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      1. Yes it does and I thank you. The first day was there they went and scheduled me three times a week without even asking me. After the first one when I could not walk or even move with taking all the morphines and muscle relaxers Ron called them and told them only once a week, not three. They got upset with him but they changed the schedule.

        Thank you for your advice on what you went through. I feel better about slowing them down. See the first 12 are without co-pay and I think they wanted to get those in as fast as they could. I know I shouldn’t think that way, but why the first appointment did they try to push so many on me so fast when I showed the lady my new MRI which showed the damage to my spine. Oh well, I won’t be upset, I will just be thankful for life and move forward. Thanks again. Hugs


      2. 3 days a week is absurd. That is no recovery time. And with the new MRI of your back they need to take all of that into account.
        They do seem to love to get those first 12 in fast. What i ended up doing when I was trying PT was I would do one day a week and then add in another day by myself doing their exercises with my husband’s help. He is actually doing something similar he has a torn bicep tendon and he is doing the PT at home on his own although he did go in for the instruction.
        No way you should be in this much pain. No way.
        The next PT I tried they did massage after which was fantastic and helped me a lot and then they even iced the areas too. I felt not like i was just a number then.
        I agree with once a week and anything you can do at home pain free then do it but you need to be able to function. I’m so sorry. I’m really feeling for you. You’ve been through so much they need to treat you like a person and curtail this to your needs not just in and out punch in the numbers.
        Please let me know how it goes.
        Since we are totally off topic 🙂 which i love btw….
        What do you think about the Palestine Israel conflict. I have been watching youtube videos on it and my Jewish side of the family has been educating me and also a history friend of mine also. Do you think it is resolvable? Do you think there is a good guy bad guy here or just terrorism. Just curious of your thoughts since i know you are wise in the political arena and I am very much not.
        Anyway, i know you must be tired. Whenever you want to give thoughts im here to listen and I hope those spasms subside.
        Have you asked. Again change of topic. About the lidocaine patches? They really are helpful with pain. Just go right into the area and don’t interfere with other meds

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      3. First on the patches. I am lucky I have a pain doctor that will give me what i need to function through the pain.

        On palestine I have been listening to both sides and found out that it is not as cut and dried as we would wish. A jewish friend told me that if Israel would back off the settlements and give more rights to palestinians it would go a long way for peace. He said that the people on both sides don’t want what is happening but the leaders on both sides are using it for their goals.

        I admit I don’t like the US dragged into as we are paying for the settlements in the Palestine territories. The Israelis are treating the palestinians as a slave race, as an inferior people. That is not right or OK with me.

        I think Israel has a right to exist even though we really created it after the war. However I don’t think that gives them the right to take over others territory and and hurt the people.

        What do you think about it all? See it really is about to me how people treat other people. Be well. Hugs


      4. I just don’t know. I am admittedly not educated enough on the subject. I planned on reading this week and asking some more experts in the area and I have spoken with 2. And now you and i will keep reading. It seems so confusing to me but that may be the seizure part that is making me not be able to see this clearly. So i keep reading until i figure it out. It seems extremists have made everything worse. So much violence. It is very sad to me. I will let you know when I can process it longer. Thanks so much for your input!!!!

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    2. Ps I AM a villain to the spiders!!!!! I have been many times before I must admit. I will watch them and thing…ok, you have a few flies do you really need that butterfly, dragonfly, caterpillar. And i make the call 🙂

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  2. When I lived in Sydney we had spiders in the back yard which would make really big webs, and sometimes on hot summer evenings I’d try to catch flies in my hands and throw them into the web so I could watch the spider run out and wrap them up in spider silk. Better than a tv show. And the webs were really pretty when they had dew on them in the morning. I went to a thing at the museum just recently about bugs and learned that some spiders put special silk on their webs which is visible to birds but not insects, so the birds can avoid flying into them.

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  3. I am so sorry you are in pain but at least it was for a worthy cause!! And… I make the bf save most bugs lol he thinks I’m nuts for being afraid but I keep reminding him I’m from New Jersey and the whole bug thing down here is just out of control lol!! I still run from palmettos lol but I like caterpillars! And I love the lizards! They don’t like people though… I keep trying 😉

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