Date day part 3: everything else

When we first got to the botanical gardens I thought it would be a 30 minute trip. It was a few miles on either side of the main entrance and in my scooter I just assumed we would zip right through. Everything made us stop though. The bamboo was my favorite. The sound of the bamboo was so…I don’t know the right word. It felt…old and steeped in tradition as if it was speaking to me from thousands of years before. I cannot explain it but I did video the sound the bamboo made as the wind blew through it. I told the lady at the front desk as we left that I had decided I would live in the bamboo garden. She had a good sense of humor and told me that she would alert the night guard to just walk on past me laying on my blanket! She was very sweet and very happy that I got to enjoy a trip at such a beautiful place, with my husband, in a completely accessible place. That is rare. If you use a wheelchair you know it is rare to have any place be completely accessible. My husband and I had a peaceful day. We left as it was about to get dark only because I was getting cold. It was a rare 60’s here in Florida which to me felt subzero. I required immediate veggie chilli on the way home, perfect end to a perfect day:

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