Bring along your sandWICH it is SoCS

Bring along your sandwich. It is stream of consciousness Saturday and being that I was just told it is only Friday and I don’t know which day is which we are just going to pretend it’s Saturday k???!!!!!!

I am sharing with you our date night. We don’t have normal date nights. There are no restaurants. No candles. No long talks and chattering. No nice clothes or make up. Our date night involves the sunset, the dragonflies, the birds, and silence in the moment. Here are the pictures from tonight’s date night where minimal words were spoken and being present and living in the moment were the only requirements. 


The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Oct. 28/17

12 thoughts on “Bring along your sandWICH it is SoCS

    1. It was a great night to be out in my own little special place but to bring my husband along to share it with. I didn’t realize how nice it would be to share something beautiful with someone else that would equally appreciate it. It DID make me happy!

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  1. Perfect date night. I was talking with some friends this past week about the wonders of nature. Even though a nice meal in a restaurant can be fun, being outside and seeing the beauty of leaves changing color, blue water, sunrises and sunsets is breath-taking. Glad you were able to enjoy this.

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    1. It was perfect!
      Not everyone finds these as appealing as I do and I understand. My good friend, if she read my blog, would put a barf face on this as she is not one to be out on a prairie.
      For me, listening to the birds, hearing the dragonflies buzz past my ear, sitting in silence with the person I love and just feeling content is good for me


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