4 thoughts on “Because there is always a singing bird…

  1. Looks like a nice day down there in your part of the world. It is pretty cool here, (Google says it’s 55 degrees), overcast and I think it’s drizzling a bit right now. I have the window open though because I like to feel the breeze and hear the rustling (what’s left of the) leaves on the tree out my window.

    Oh and that blanket. Love it. 30 years old wow! I still have my childhood blanket. I use it as part of my bed covers. It’s full of holes, some of them from cigarettes, (I used to smoke and in bed no less, ugh). Those satin like ends that used to be on it are long gone and the entire blanket is quite worn. It’s actually a blanket for a single/twin bed but I don’t care. It still gives me comfort just to have it.

    Yours looks cozy.


    1. It has little frays where i have twisted the parts that came apart into little swirls. This thing is old as dirt and thin and not really even warm but it makes me feel good because Nana gave it to me and it has lasted this long. I think I was 16 when she gave it to me so just about 30 years. I have a king size bed and this is a small blanket too but I just cover myself with it.
      The sun is shining and it is really cool out. I had the door open but someone is burning so I had to close it. I thought the bird was in the house at first. When I leave the back door open sometimes she just flies in which is really cool. But she was in her little singing spot instead.

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      1. Your blanket, when you wrap yourself in it, it’s like a hug from your Nana. ❤

        I would love to visit your house with all that wildlife around you. So jealous. 🙂

        I love the smell of burning, if it's just wood. There are people around here who burn at night, mostly on weekends and I can smell it if I open my window. It reminds me of camping.

        Ozzy used to come home smelling like someone's fireplace. I would wonder where he would go. No doubt he made some friends in our old neighborhood. Either someone had a chimanay that they were using on their porch maybe…the yards weren't big enough to be burning full fledged fires on…or he was being let into someone's house. Hard to know. He can be trusting of some and skittish of others. I think he's sensitive to the energy of people.

        Sorry, I forget, are you sensitive to the smell of the fire or the smoke or both?


      2. I love the smell too. My daughter has asthma though so I can’t let it come in the house. Don’t like burning leaves but just wood I do. When my husband cleans up the yard he has a burn pile and I just sit out there and watch the fire.
        Jessy always smelled like firewood. I have no idea. A wild bird/firewood. We rarely had to bathe him because he smelled so good.
        That’s too cute that ozzy had friends in the neighborhoood!
        He prob hung out next to a fireplace for awhile then moved along 🙂
        The only burning smell i am sensitve to is when i forget i’m cooking and burn it!!!!!!! That sucks!!!!

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