What meets the eye.

Some days…photo credit to my daughter who added her own feelings on my photo of “relatable” .

Today was a day when my voice was unusable. I knew it. So I went around the block with a pretty clear message. 

Earlier I was wearing a shirt my daughter wore when she was 11 and my husband’s old running shorts. 

Some, my mother mostly, would say I should care more about what people think about my appearance. I have learned in my 45 years of life that this body and what clothes it is a shell to my soul. My heart and soul matter. Not the clothes I have chosen that I find comfortable for that day to go around the block in my wheelchair. Not the sign that I have pinned on myself that says “please do not touch me” because no one seems to see my boundaries and I’ve currently lost my ability to voice them. 

I challenge others to look beneath the exterior. There is so much more to me than what meets the eye. 

15 thoughts on “What meets the eye.

  1. I don’t dare to say that I feel your pain, and yet as an empath 8 can sense it while wishing I could wipe it away. Regardless of whether we know each other or not. Sending much strength and courage for your journey. Hugs,


    1. Oh the pain of the empath that knows in their own body the pain of others. I know this well. Thank you for truly understanding. Hoping you can disconnect so as not to feel it too much. But if you have been this way your whole life you probably already know how to cleanse yourself of it.
      Thank you for the strength and courage. I truly appreciate it.

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      1. It’s not always easy to disconnect. I always want to help and I deeply feel for others. It does often put me in a position that I would rather carry the pain instead of having someone else suffer. I learned to balance this emotion, but it remains a challenge each time and I find my peace in Mother Nature.
        Sometimes people try to protect me from feeling too much and they have voiced that I deserve better and shouldn’t see this mess etc. In my mind, I will be the judge of that and if I can help in any way, I will. Sending you all that strength and courage right back, not because you need, but because you are doing it already. One beautiful step at a time. Much love dear.

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      2. It is very hard to turn off. The on switch is on most of the time for me. I’ve tried to suck out my daughter’s pain many a day as I would rather feel it than her. We do have balance and have to know what we are ok with. Sometimes the information is out of my hands though and comes whether I can cope or handle or know how to deal with it or not.
        Thanks for sending good my way. I accept!

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      3. Yes I totally agree and even though the mind may know, the heart does not always match up. Like you, we learn to balance it over time and do the best we can, trying to save one soul at a time while protecting our own as best as we can.
        Thank you for accepting the prayers and good vibes send your way. You will continue to stay in my thoughts and I’m here if you need me. Hugs

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      4. Thank you that is very much appreciated and i am grateful for all you have shared with me.
        Oh in reference to the owl i thin you can just in the search for my blog type owl and see what comes up.

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    1. When I first was diagnosed with my muscle disease I realized that I could never walk in anything but running shoes, the really light weight racing flats, as they were the only thing I was able to live my legs in. I could not wear anything constrictive on my legs or I couldn’t lift them. All of my pants I couldn’t live my legs in. I am best walking bare footed and less likely to fall. No heels. No flats. I was bummed as I kept trying things on for an appointment and realizing if I wanted to be able to stand and walk at all out of my scooter I could wear none of this.
      Then this revelation that wait….so many with this disease cannot walk at ALL! Who cares about these clothes and shoes!!!!! I just want to live and be comfortable and not care about the rest.
      Shoot I am already stared at in my scooter anyway. So I slowly started inching towards the inner and less emphasis on outer. NowI never wore make up before but had a slight interest in that. It has been fun to do what I want to do with my outer self on my own terms and not regulated by anyone or anything but how I feel that day.


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