The refuge of the prairie

I left for the prairie last night to avoid my own mind. I was having great frustration with memories, memory loss combined with memory overload.

I sat in the middle of the prairie and watched the sky. I watched it change over an hour. It was orange. There appeared what looked like a dragon in the middle of the sky for 45 minutes. Then came the lavender. Then came the streaks of blue. Then it looked as if someone took a paintbrush and swirled orange and pink throughout the blue. As the sun set a large group of dragonflies surrounded me. They were magic. I video taped them for a few minutes. I felt like, as they were swirling around me, I was surrounded by a protective force. It was a beautiful hour. I am so very very grateful for it! As I was about to leave the prairie an old friend drove by. She reached her hand out and held my hand. It seemed kindest gesture. That one hand. She squeezed my hand and I felt like she was truly present in that one moment with the dragonflies and the lavender sky. Moments like these are powerful. No words were needed. It is a gift rarely received but when it is, then THAT gives me faith. I know there are tons of blogs to read. Please, just take a moment and look at each picture and see what an hour can give the gift of. Don’t forget the dragonflies at the end!


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