The land of butterflies

A few times in the last week I have had to just go and take a breath whether it is for an hour or ten minutes. Here is 10 minutes in the land of butterflies. One of my neighbor’s has this bush of orange tubular flowers that they love. At any given time there can be 10-30 butterflies or more. The butterflies are all striped. It is very peaceful to just sit and be with them. I have said it before and I will keep saying it…if you balance out the bad with all of this good, the good will outweigh the bad. 

10 thoughts on “The land of butterflies

  1. Bethany: Thank you, thank you for the butterflies, the cows, and the skies! Mostly, thank you for keeping your blog open for us; for modelling for us how to feel anger, and survive it, stronger than ever: to feel the cruel onslaught, and sail on, your speed and grace elegantly confirmed. TS

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    1. How beautifully you have honored me in this comment !!! Thank you!
      I am so glad that you enjoyed all of the wonderful things I have found and posted. I was so hoping others would find joy in it too.

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  2. The butterflies are so beautiful. My eyes actually welled up looking at these pics.
    The flowers…tubular man…lol…do you remember that expression? With a Valley Girl kind of dialect only it was usually a guy saying it.

    Those flowers remind me of a type of the pink honey suckle we had in our yard when we lived in our house. It was more tubular than the usual yellow/white honey suckle.

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    1. SOOO TUBULAR!!!!! I Do remember!!!!!! We have white and orange honeysuckle in our yard but these were way cool. A whole bush. Yeah. It was a really neat experience.

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