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  1. Got to comment again. I went over the pictures on my netbook here. I had never seen a “live” armadillo before your short video – what a treat!!! Tell me that flying red-headed bird is a redheaded woodpecker! Do you know they are on the endangered species list, and their numbers are still declining? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red-headed_woodpecker I love your snails and owls. This is amazing photography overall. This is a “thumbs up” comment!

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    1. The first thing my husband said is I wonder how many people have never seen an armadillo!!! And I wondered. So I am thrilled with your comment. I had no idea the redheaded woodpecker is endangered. They LOVE our backyard and we have a few pair that live back there. Thank you for loving and looking at all of my loves in nature. They have each been true gifts to me, each in their own way. My time with the owl was a treasure I will keep in my heart forever. Thank you again for taking the time to look at everything! I had no idea if the videos would work. I uploaded so many and I have never done that before. The armadillo was out on our walk just a few days ago. But they live in our backyard peacefully with the raccoon and a possum and the owl and the foxes next door in the empty lot.


  2. Cool! You know I started going through your blog a while ago now, looking for your owl vids and pics … lol, I didn’t find them but have kept reading you old posts lol.
    Thankyou for posting these! They’re beautiful 🙂


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