17 thoughts on “Humiliation.

  1. Amen sister. You have every right to be angry. The humiliation belongs on those who hurt you. I completed years of therapy but have only just begun to address the impact of the sexual abuse from the safety of approaching 40. Forgiveness is a gift we give our self after we’ve had enough time to feel everything else we need to feel. I too fight flashbacks, physical pain, hypochondria, hypervigillence and a boatload of other symptoms. Feel all your feelings, including the good ones which got you this far. You’re a strong, good woman in spite of it all. What could be more beautiful? ❤️

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    1. Thank you!!!!
      For understanding. Being able to relate and understand.
      I wrote that post over a year ago and I am so proud of myself for coming to a better place now of understanding, acceptance of myself, I am glad I allowed myself to feel those feelings and then I have moved forward to finding joy and beauty in things. I still have very hard days, like you said of flashbacks and all of that but I have moved forward and I am so proud of that

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  2. I’m so sorry, this sounds awful. I’m lucky never to have been through this, so can’t imagine how it must have affected you. But it’s amazing that you are writing about it and I think you give a voice to all abuse victims as well as those struggling with other mental health issues. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. That time in my life was really bad. I’m glad I wrote about it and I’m glad I allowed myself what I needed during that time and in therapy to really process the gravity of all of that and move forward from it. I am in a much more peaceful place now

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      1. I think writing about everything that has happened in our lives that were forced a secret that were forced shame takes real bravery to come forth with and have a voice that shares the absolute truth. For every man and woman and child who has the ability to speak the truth nomatter how long it takes I commend them. It is not easy

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      2. No, it’s very hard. Especially when other people make you feel ashamed. There has been a lot of awareness raising recently but there’s still quite a bit of stigma around theses things sadly.


      3. Yes, there has been stigma for a long time. I am 45 years old and just now speaking about the things that were done to me when I was 11. If that is not society and stigma then I don’t know what is!
        Shame is one of the biggest factors. Abusers and those who support them love to throw that out as a way to shut up the victim. But no more

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    1. Thank you! I wrote this over a year ago and it has been interesting to look back over where I was in the processing and remembering and flashbacks and see how I feel now and where I am. Going through that time was so difficult. Processing is so difficult. But I have come to a more peaceful place now having gone through that


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