A reply from a child molester. 

an actual reply from a child molester…not that I am advocating contacting a child molester…this was just my experience with one

8 thoughts on “A reply from a child molester. 

  1. My family didn’t react or respond very appropriately either when they found out I had been molested. I’m glad for you that you got an apology. I did too. It was weird and difficult to believe. But it made me see the guy in a new light.

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      1. In my case, there was mental illness and family wide dysfunction that created a molester, allowed the situation to happen, and then create a huge secret and shame-filled cover up when it was found out. I understand the dynamics of my family and have healed from the shame, guilt and anger. Going through a Kundalini has re-awoken feelings, but as I move through this process, it’s not only creating a deeper level of healing for me, but for my entire family (molester included). Not that I sought it out, but that’s what’s happening.


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