Raindrop mindful walk

My mindful walks always begin with an intention. Today’s number one intention BEFORE my mindful walk was to apologize to someone. Apologies are a forgotten language. I KNOW I did something I should not have. My intent was to sincerely apologize for it. Part 2 was my mindful walk of raindrops. 

Here is the cool thing about mindfulness, once you start it, you can’t stop. It took me a good 30 minutes to get to my apology spot because on the way the raindrops kept jumping out at me! It had stormed all night long. 

Before I even began with the raindrops my eyes scanned the yard. What could I find with a raindrop. Mindful is aware. What will show itself. There it was. A flower on a rock. Now everyone knows I freaking love finding things that grow out of rocks. A blade of grass, a plant. But here was a flower, a penta, just blooming her little heart out on this rock in my yard. It wasn’t planted, it wasn’t planned, but it grew and thrived and produced beauty. It found a way! Here she is: there is NO soil there. How she did it? Will power I tell ya!

And then I passed this flower that also grows out of a rock and a bumble bee was just buzzing around!

Then the purple flowers that I watch every day were covered in raindrops. They were stunning.

I kept trying to get a clear raindrop. It is just not as easy as it looks. Photography is hard which is why I appreciate a good photo and the talent SO much when I look at other’s posts. 

I finally made it to my apology spot. Gave my sincere apology. Heart felt, honest apology and it was taken so well. I so appreciated the forgivness that came after the apology. And forgiveness was not expected or needed. All that needed to be done was me to apologize. I was in the wrong. No words needed to be said by the listener. But they were. And it was kind. 

Intention 2 follow the rules of the mindful walk and stay focused on the raindrops. Oh they were on everything. My husband was along for monitoring purposes. I had overdone the day before for my daughter’s birthday and he knew I would try to get out of my wheelchair at every raindrop to take a picture. So I learned a nice lesson today. There needs to be no documentation of a mindful moment. Just knowing it was there is good enough. So I passed a beautiful purple flower hanging from a tree, I acknowledged it’s beauty and moved on. I passed a serious mushroom bright white colony in a mound of mulch. I acknowledged the absolute coolness of the white contrast, and moved along. 

I could not pass these pink, really glowing, fluorescent almost flowers with raindrops. So I stood up to take their picture. Each flower was different. The edges, the center, some soft, some frayed, some white, some all pink, covered in raindrops. 

My husband discovered this for me. Apurple plant with a raindrop so perfectly placed it looked like a diamond was hiding there. 

Then this yellow flower. I planted this at least 10 years ago for my daughter’s birthday so that every day when I saw them I would think of the magical day she was born, which then always brings this photo to mind so I had to put it here too. Being mindful of love is very important. I love my daughter immensely. I look at this yellow flower and am reminded of the day she came into this world. This picture of me holding her as a newborn seems like a lifetime ago, but my love for her just grows and grows. 

As our mindful walk concluded I pulled into the driveway to discover this pink flower. Then these white flowers. I have no idea what the white flowers are. I believe the pink flower is a 4 o’clock. How many times had I passed it. Right there next to the driveway. I was so focused on the flower on the rock I didn’t even see this tiny pink flower among the ferns. And she so deserved to be recognized. I didn’t plant her either. It seems blessings in nature find their way to my yard and I am daily thankful for the ability to notice them, even if I pass them by the first time. Sometimes it takes turning back around, coming from a different direction, to see what you could not see before. But the beauty was there all along. 

24 thoughts on “Raindrop mindful walk

  1. I’ve been trying to understand your mindfulness walks. I love seeing the beauty in everything you take pictures of … but I knew I was missing something … thankyou for explaining your ‘rules of engagement’. So your doing what you set out to do, or see, or find … with intention or on purpose … is that right? And in doing that, your able to relax? focus?
    I’ve never really understood mindfulness when others have tried to explain it to me … because it sounded so complicated, and not peaceful at all. I think minimalism is probably the closest thing I can relate to mindfulness.

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    1. Yes! I decide before I leave the house. I will find something red. I will think of nothing else but red and find it and when i find it i will look at it, touch it, smell it, feel it, embrace everything about it. No other thoughts will enter my mind. So today was raindrops. I found a raindrop on a blade of grass so I just stared at it. I looked at every aspect of where it sat on the grass and how the sun reflected in it. It clears my mind of the garbage and kind of wipes the slate clean. It is very calming to me. That is why i will post black and white or red or blue or lavender because i go out looking for each of those things. I never just go out on a walk with no intention. I will look for a particular cloud, or tree bark or a hiding flower or a feather. Something to focus on other than the thoughts in my mind. I’m so sorry I did not explain it sooner, better

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      1. Oh No, dont apologise! It’s actually the best way I learn … observing … and thats what I’ve been doing lol.
        No what you say makes sense now. I have another friend (a couple actually) that do this mindfulness, and theyre always talking about how much good it does them, and i can see it has, but i just havent understood how theyre describing it. One talks about being ‘present in the moment’ .. well thats to vague for me lol. And the other says .. don’t just live IN a day, but LIVE in a day. Geez … Ive puzzled on that for weeks! But … I think I get what shes saying now … by what your saying … its focusing with intention, on the thing you want to find, see etc, and so everything else falls away. It’s doing that thing (walk etc) with an intention in mind?
        My only question would be (which is typical of me, and i am serious here … ) what if you don’t find what your looking for?? what if theres no purple or no cloud or no rain? do you have a backup or alternative??


      2. I understand what your friends are saying but I would need more specifics too if I were to implement it. With ptsd telling me to live in the moment or LIVE in the day would prob just piss me off because it is not always possible. I do small increments. I choose a few hours in the late afternoon to do it. It started out as just 5 minutes though. I was laying in the grass watching and earth worm and I had my daughter time me and I said for 5 minutes I will do nothing but live in this earth worm world, watch him, observe him, and think of nothing else. Totally didn’t work. I had a thousand thoughts that went from one to the next because that is how I am. My mind is rarely silent or calm. So I worked at it adding time every day.
        My intention is always to keep my mind clear and stay focused on what I see or smell or feel even if it is just the wind or the sun on my skin or the color of the sky. I try to keep an intention like find red but that doesnt always work so sometimes half way through I’m like ok that’s out lets just focus on the sky or the trees or look for something different. Keeps my mind busy searching like a scavenger hunt without letting my thoughts go wild.
        Funny thing is I almost always find what I am looking for. If I stay out long enough I will find it. And then If I find it I will l just add on to my list. Then on my ipad I have folders for all of the red, the blue, the different things and after a few months I post them all even though I post little ones every week.

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      3. Thankyou! That makes way more sense to me. I think i can probably adapt from there.
        My mind is very rarely calm, or not busy, either. So staying ‘silent’ is like torture. I’ve understood what they are meaning but haven’t been able to implement like they do.
        One guy, talked about our people focusing on ‘just’ the rain, or just the wind, like you did with the worms. I can’t remember what it was called in our native language, but the purpose was to just ‘listen’ to that one thing. He reckoned we were to busy thinking of too many things, which is why we get sick all the time … he’s not wrong there, for me anyways.
        Thankyou again for taking the time to explain 🙂 I appreciate it !

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      4. 🙂 He’s lovely …
        unfortunately he passed recently … fortunately though, that means you can probably just ask him to hang out anyway … his name is Manu 🙂

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      5. I bet you I will have a dream about him!!!
        I had this dream in a cherokee language. Did I tell you this. Who knows. My memory ya know…anyway…can’t believe I am putting this on my blog but EH who cares…
        So I had this dream in cherokee and I have a friend that is a Cree Native American Indian and I asked her if she knew anyone who would interpret it and she said yes so she took it to a tribe leader/holy man/medicine man…ugh my brain betrays me on his title. He interpreted it for her to give to me and passed away a few weeks later. I felt it was SUCH a gift that he was able to do that for me. And yes, I do dream in Cherokee. My good friend is Cherokee as well and can verify that I did in fact have some ancient dialect dream.
        Anything is possible in this world. That dream told me that!!!! So there is that story.
        So yep, I think I will send well wishes to Manu!

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      6. Ahhh thats beautiful 🙂 You hadn’t told Me that … but i have no trouble believing this … for what I am, and where I come from, this is what what ‘we’ do 😉
        I’ll send you a link to their website too. He’s on there, and what they do is on there too. This is the group that do romiromi … its something close to my heart … and my healing xox


      7. I have all my comments on “approve” like I have to approve them before they are posted. So I just checked and saw this. I was watching the Voice with my daughter.
        This website gave me chills. Wow! I LOVE this. I am looking still at the site to see what is at the store if they sell a book or something

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    1. Missing him today. The one who I inherited my good traits from. Both of us are missing him. Certain things I see and I think oh he would see this too!
      Thank you!


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