Black and white mindfulness walk

I am either black or white. There is no gray area with me. But sometimes…I can be black AND white at the same time. Don’t even ask me to explain! I am complex and simple and sometimes both lets just leave it at that 🙂

So with this thought in mind, I went on a mindful walk with my husband in search of things that had black and white in the frame. 

First the black and white sky. We did infact get rained on halfway through out walk so my plans were slightly thwarted. Gosh is that even a word. It feels like a word but definitely does not look right!!! 

A tree branch had this interesting white and black growth on it. 

A stone of black and white

More interesting tree growth with black and white

A black bug UNDER a white flower. Totally counted. My husband gets credit for this find. 

A white and black mushroom

I saved my favorite for last. This must be a flower seed of some sort that is a ball of black spikes with white tips. 

And although this has nothing to do with my black and white search, while being 100% mindful I saw this feather. It is white and auburn striped and MUST be a red tailed hawk feather. It had downy feathers at the base and the tip was equally as soft. It smelled like wild birds smell (if you’ve ever rehabbed wild birds) which is the exact same as my sweet Jess smelled. I may put his picture in here too because he is currently on my mind and he was black with white around the mouth. And he was the FIND of a lifetime!

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