The prairie.

The praire presented yet another day of a lavender sky. I sat there for one hour watching it’s lavender. The wind was blowing across the prairie and even though Florida is still hot there was a slight coolness to it. 

I chatted with the only black cow in the field with a white face. I asked him how it felt to be different. Actually it was a she. They were all she’s with babies near. She just stared at me with one front leg slightly lifted JUST like my old dog Molly used to do. 

I found a teeny tiny pink fluff of a flower. Just one on the side of the dirt road in the middle of the prairie. 

Then I just had to visit the animals. I had to. The horse completely ignored me which is a good thing since the last time I saw her she almost dragged me to my death. But the goats were thrilled for the attention. I was slightly hesitant and did not get too close to their faces but I gave them pets and love and talked to them. I saw 4 deer. They just stood there staring at me and I them for awhile. I was gone a few hours and every minute of it was filled with peace.

The moon came up as I was coming back through and chatting with the black and white cow again. AND we all know I cannot photograph a moon to save my life so here, once again, I present the blurry moon. But how about that lavender sky…

15 thoughts on “The prairie.

  1. I just love your pics of your smiling goat. They are wonderful creatures. Such a great sense of humour and fun.
    Also, the moon is a devil isn’t it. It offers up such beauty to the naked eye and like a cheeky child, when you ask it to pose for a photograph it pretends to be small and insignificant. “That’s not the moon I saw”.
    I wonder how many of us have said that.

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    1. Thank you! I looked at it and it was massive! I photographed it and it was a blurry dot. I was sitting there telling the cow ” I’m telling you it is massive right behind you but look at this! It’s a blurry dot !!!” The cow was like yeah whatever move along I am trying to graze!!!
      I had fun with the goats. The prairie is always such a great place for me to go to find beauty and peace.


      1. oh my gosh. that would be my dream. since our two dogs have passed away, passing the time has been difficult. we spent all day with them. they had their “sun front yard time” then their “dig in the dirt back yard time” then their ” agility course fun time” then I would take them on a long few mile walk in my electric wheelchair. they were part of the family. it has been such a terrible loss!!! the biggest and saddest part of my memory loss after the seizures is forgetting Jess is gone. Moll has been gone for over 2 years but Jess just a year so it has been heartbreak all over again. I’m glad you have 5. 5 is good!!!! plus 2 goats. He was my seizure/companion/ greatest thing on earth dog. Molly was more my daughter’s dog and slept with her. the house is just so darn quiet!

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      2. They gave Jess 3 days to live. He lived almost 9 months after that. I put him on homemade food and gave him round the clock care. He had given me 14 years of devotion. I loved that sweet boy.

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  2. That goat gave me a good laugh. Thank you.

    They are such goof-balls. A friend of my mother’s lived on a farm for a while and I went out there to help her out a few times. She had goats, among other animals and my favorite thing to do was to take the goats out for a walk.


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