11 thoughts on “Orange one the prize for the most seen color of my mindful journey

  1. Imagine getting that butterfly shot just as it was flying towards the flowers! The other butterfly pics are amazing. I used to think I lived in the prettiest place on earth, but I’m thinking that might be you. Lol

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    1. There is some real beauty around here that is for sure. I just wonder if others notice. I was squatting on the ground the other day and this guy asked what I was doing. And i said taking a picture of this tiny pink flower and he walked over to see it. I wonder how many things go unnoticed.

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      1. I think a lot of the beauty of the world goes unnoticed. Thus the word, “mindfulness.” To be positive, I listen to music and paint what my heart loves.


      2. Oh you paint! Did I know this and forgot? Do you post your paintings? Nothing can be more mindful than painting!!!!! That’s wonderful!


      3. I just started learning to paint. I’m learning from youtube videos. Lol I did post some of my crafts and paintings on my “About” page. I took up woodworking too.


      4. I used to paint with the man with the bushy hair on PBS and he did tutorials. And I loved it.even though I was awful at it


      5. My daughter and granddaughter loved that guy. I have found it most relaxing to paint with watercolor pencils. But right now I’m painting an acrylic of a woman Christian warrior. She holds the shield of the Holy Spirit, the sword of Jesus and stands beside a strong tower that represents God the Father.

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