Speaking out about depression

Truth is powerful


Why don’t we speak out about depression? Enough people are ready to admit they have anxiety issues. But not depression. Perhaps it’s because ‘everyone has a bit of anxiety’. But it isn’t the same as having full blown panic attacks, daily.

 When I share my art or photography, people often say ‘that’s grim!’ Or ‘why not make it a little more positive?’ Why? Because I’d be lying. Depression isn’t positive and there isn’t always a happy ending around the corner. That’s not to say people can’t recover, but it often takes very long and not everybody does.

 I also get a lot of ‘but you’re not always upset’. No. But that doesn’t mean everything is great either. Yes, depressed people can appreciate a joke, some can manage to go to school or work, Some can’t, or only sometimes. That doesn’t always mean they are more or less depressed. It’s just…

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13 thoughts on “Speaking out about depression

    1. I was glad to have found her blog and I do love when someone sheds light on any stigma regarding mental health.
      Thanks for your comment )


  1. While I am a Christian, I wrote a poem called “I Bleed Dark,” about why the short stories, poems and songs I write seem to be “dark” to many. It’s never something I DECIDE to do, it just happens. I’ve been through so much physical and emotional torment that it seems my “narrow road” travels through a haunted forest some days. From the poem: “Life’s a deranged amusement park in need of a lightning spark / Chosen to be set apart, I’m a seething burn mark…I bleed cold and dark.” Blessings.


    1. Yes, I am also a Christian. I write DARK poetry because that poetry is written from a part of myself that I sometimes cannot access through all the layers of stigma, society, pain, and like you said past torment. To live through what you have lived through it is a true gift to write from the part of pain you are writing from. I don’t believe God would want it any other way! By doing what you are doing, you can connect to those of us who have inner conflict and pain to also share with out judgment. Will head over to your site now.


  2. I wish people really did understand depression more. I am clinically depressed and yes some days are better than others. Some days I can make it to work and even laugh at things but that doesn’t mean its not there. Its always there just waiting to pop its little depressed head back up.


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