Why I describe my photos

1. Punching bag Bob. He is scary as hell right? My husband confirmed that he is called Bob. I felt his face and it feels like an actual human being. All of his features feel human. How odd they would make a punching bag that felt like a human.

2 and 3 and 4.  The clouds look just like cotton candy. I wish I could reach up and grabs them and hold them. They look like they would smell like strawberries and blueberry ice cream or cotton candy. 

5. The sun was setting behind the trees. It was a perfect ball of orange. It looked like a scoop of orange sherbet on a cone. I think I have ice cream on the mind. 

6. On my walk I came across this pink flower that had a spike coming out of it with yellow dots

7. After I got home, my daughter wanted me to sit on the deck with her. The mosquitos ate us up. They are out of control due to all of the water now on the prairie from the hurricane rains. Anyway, this picture is of my glass door. There is a tiny green tree frog. He is looking at a yellow moth right next to him about twice his size. My daughter and I waited. Will the frog eat the moth. We waited. We watched. We then wondered why we were watching!!!!!! Then we came inside after the moth flew away. During that time we heard my sweet owl hooting. The possum that frequents the back yard came wandering by and he smells just like goats smell. It is an unpleasant smell so we came in. 

When I go for walks and post pictures, I often describe them, kind of like this, for my friend Carol Anne. She was born blind. I want her to “see” what I see and so I will describe as best I can what I am seeing. I always think of her on my walks because I want to share my experiences not just with my eyes but with other senses. 

Carol Anne has a blog. Here is the link. https://therapybits.com/ 

It is a private blog so you will have to request access. 

I have met some pretty awesome bloggers in the last two years. She is one of them. She has taught me patience. She has taught me to experience life with my other senses. She has taught me perseverance and she has been an inspiration. Check out her blog if you can. And know when I am describing what you are easily seeing, it is for her:)

16 thoughts on “Why I describe my photos

  1. Beautiful. I love it. I love your pictures. I especially love the one about Bob. He is scary, but I had a thought come to mind. You can picture your dad and when you hit bob you’ll be hitting your dad or you can picture someone else that’s been mean to you and hit bob and you’ll be hitting them.

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    1. That was actually the whole idea is that you can put whoever’ face on it you want but unfortunately with my disease I can’t punch anything. My husband uses it to train on

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    1. It took 20 years for my daughter to teach my husband patience !!!!
      I just figure if Carol Anne can be patient with something and she has no vision then I think I can try harder!


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