The parallel universe within another

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Mother that isn't...

When I see mothers cuddling up their kids, when I hear of another mother back to work from maternity leave, when I see birth announcement emails, when I see Facebook slapping my face with yet another ‘my little one’s first birthday’ pictures, a travel to the parallel universe is unavoidable & imagining how things could have been becomes routine.

I wouldn’t have joined back work in October. I wouldn’t have gone on the numerous vacations that we did in the last 1 year.

If only my TIFFA (anomaly) scan had picked up Ayden’s TGA… If only I had gone to some other Diagnostics Center…

22 weeks pregnant, chose to go to this particular diagnostics center because it’s close to home & they are pretty well-known. In spite of the roads being dug up & heavy traffic, we still go there. Get my scan done in about 15-20 mins & I…

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