A poem from my book of poetry : The Secrets of Lilly lake *trigger warning

I saw a Snoopy doll, 

and remembered him on my bed. 

As a little girl, 

he sat next to my head.


so I could sleep.

 Standing guard on the ship, 

my bed on the sea

Just Snoopy and me. 

We floated away and tried to forget, 

all of the nightmares you put in my head. 

I tried to stay a little girl in spite of what you took. 

I tried to hide in places I thought you’d never look.

 I hoped that Snoopy and I could sail across the world,

 and find a place of solace, 

an island of rescued girls.

 The sun rose and he came again, 

So I left my Snoopy there.

 I don’t think what was about to happen

 he could even bare. 

It’s OK Snoopy, 

I’ll be back, 

I swear. 

We’ll get away one day. 

Some day, 


*after I wrote this poem I bought a stuffed animal snoopy doll, online, that got me through those years of abuse

6 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. A very moving poem. I used to sleep with a picture of Cary Grant under my pillow. Years later, I watched his movie, “Notorious,” and I realized why that was my favorite movie as s child. Cary rescues Ingrid. He finds her in bed being slowly poisoned by her husband. He lifts her up and out of bed and takes her away. He tells her how much he loves her.

    How I would have loved him to take me out of my bed, where the abuse happened, and take me away from it sll.


    1. What an image that creates. I have never seen the movie but now I want to. To be saved….I wish we had been.
      That picture must have been what snoopy was to me.


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